Ever since Sting first shot the earliest scenes from The Punishment Book series back in the 1990’s many of their films have contained part of a shower scene. These have usually been part of the story build up and only small sections of the actual shoot were used in the final edit.

Over the years many customers have written to Sting asking to see more of the material which was not used in the final movie. In response Sting have gone back in time to the first productions and have carefully lifted from the original footage all the shower or bath time material they could find and have put together a compilation of shower and bath scenes and to make it even more interesting they have added a small extract of spanking from the various original stories too.

This gives Sting fans the opportunity to watch favorite Sting lads such as Paul, Will, a young Brett and a host of Asian lads in previously unseen footage, washing their hunky young bodies before or after a spanking.

When first released A Selection of Showers was part of the Premium Members’ site, however, Sting closed the Members area they made all the premium videos available as a single download available by clicking here  


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