There is a touch of spice in a new update at at Sting Lads Only fans, with a Behind the scenes video of the forthcoming Hornet release, and handsome Jerry Bosak taking a steamy shower

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By Bruce

9 thoughts on “A Touch of Spice at Only Fans”
  1. Just to say a huge thank you for this. I’ve missed out on all the latest from Sting as I’ve been moving house throughout the lockdown. Sending all the best to you all.

    1. Thanks Corey

      Welcome back, I hope the hoise move wnt well. You haven’t missed much in the last week, Sting have been moving too (to a new server) so the sites have been down for a while.


  2. Thanks Bruce. So I have noticed!! It looks like some good things are happening with Sting. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store! I was wondering if Hornet would do another old school full length feature like The Cecrets Of College Life Part Two (Term 2 :-))

    1. Hi again, there is nothing like that planned at the moment, however, a new Hornet will be released shortly

    1. Hi Corey, Sting hope to relaunch Hornet very soon, with luck it should be in a matter of days. The delay has been due to matters outside Sting’s control, but those are now mostly resolved

  3. I gather from frequent previous visits that Sting’s OnlyFans has now closed, but is this video still available at all? It would be great to see Austin and Jerry — two of my favourite models — in this. I can’t find it on Clips4sale either.

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