Angry Step Dads 23 – Stop Lying

Some lads like to drift along without a care in the world, including Tim (Tim Ptacek), who was particularly lazy and, to make it worse, also very dishonest! But his luck has now run out, which he quickly learns after arriving home to be greeted by his overly exasperated stepdad (Domonic).

Without delay, he orders Michael over his knee to start a good long spanking


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Which finishes, of course, on his bare backside.

Thinking his punishment is over, Michael is unhappily surprised when his stepdad arrives back with the riding crop. Now Michael must kneel on the couch for a hard punishment on his already painful ass, with each crack of the riding crop showing him just how angry his stepdad is.

It will surely put this young man on the right track!

Tim Ptacek is the naughty stepson




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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Angry Step Dads 23 – Stop Lying”
  1. This is a new video, not a reissue of an old one. (If I’m wrong about this, Bruce, please correct me.) This is a significant improvement from your recent videos.

    Tim Ptacek is a good-looking, athletic young man whose posterior looks very nice in those flaming-orange briefs. I also like the fact that Domonic himself pulled Tim’s briefs down rather than stopping the spanking, ordering Tim to pull down his briefs, and resuming the spanking – the momentum of the punishment is uninterrupted the way you did it.

    Tim Ptacek gave a fine performance. During his spanking he kicked his legs, he squirmed and struggled over Domonic’s lap, he tried to reach back and prevent his stepdad from spanking him, and he grimaced and whimpered and yelled “Ow!” in a most convincing manner – I really believed that his spanking hurt. A most impressive acting job.

    If you had made three changes, this excellent video would have been a great one.
    1) Tim’s briefs had been a little skimpier, like a bikini brief;
    2) Tim had spanked OTK on the seat of his briefs a little bit longer; and
    3) at the end of the video, rather than having Tim apply that soothing cream to his own buttocks, Domonic would have sat down on the sofa, put Tim back over his lap, and rubbed that cream into the lad’s aching buttocks.

    Still, this was a very good video. Well done.

    1. Hi Rasputin
      You are correct, this is a brand-new video, not a re-release. Tim is a relatively new addition to the Sting cast, who we hope to work with again.

      I am pleased you enjoyed the video


    2. Oh I agree completely the spanker should always apply the soothing cream put the bad boy back over his lap apply the cream add one more cheeky slap on top to round off. Also if dad is completely pissed of then it’s fine he can just throw the cream at the boy telling him he doesn’t deserve such relief! 👍🏻


    Modern domestic setting, cream, big balls, daddy, open legs, amazing exposure of the jewels this is how is done we’re just missing Dexter as the top.

    https://feelthesting.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/ASDADS23SL-13.jpg – amazing balls so full and big I love seeing a big pair of plums whilst a bad boy is spanked.

    https://feelthesting.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/ASDADS23SL-5.jpg – love seeing his legs spread out like that with his balls on full display on Dominic’s lap and love seeing a full shot of his socked feet also you got to assert power by holding there hand so they can’t run there sore little bum. GREAT PICTURE!!

  3. Young Tim has just been a fantastic addition to the Sting team of naughty boys! Everything about him is perfect, including his choice of underpants every time we have seen him spanked up to now – always a great colour and the perfect length for punishment! This is certainly more like it where the underpants department is concerned! And those tight boxer-brief the lad is wearing in this video look to me as though they might be nylon – kinkeeee!!! I did mean to say in my last comment on ‘Kiwi College 27′ that actually, Sting have probably the best track-record on boys’ wearing coloured underpants for spankings since they started letting them wear their own pants for discipline! I don’t want to run other studios down, but one or two of them do have boys in white boner-killers just a bit too often for me to be much interested in what they produce.

    I love Tim’s responses to being spanked – wriggling and squirming around over Domonic’s knee – I particularly appreciate the way he is biting on the arm of the sofa, trying to give him strength against the pain of his well-smacked bottom! And the red weals across his bum from the stinging strokes of the riding-crop! WOW!!! You could almost feel them burning! Soothing cream or not, I’m prepared to bet this errant youngster spent the night in bed laying on his tummy!

  4. Great pictures of that wonderful hairless bottom after being punished with the mean riding crop! 🙂

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