Angry Step Dads 9 -12

Compitation Video

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Joey Whyte gets an unwelcome wake up call in Angry Step Dads “The Delinquents”


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Step Dad’s Back, and He’s not happy

Chris Jansen and Johannes Laars get their bottoms soundly spanked in Angry Step Dads 12




Angry Step Dads 9 -12


Sting Pictures


This video is also available through Sting at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

Sting Lads – Only Fans

Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Angry Step Dads 9 -12 (Compitation Video)”
  1. It is really for the best that, first, these young bucks have to undergo the humiliation of having to be stripped partly or totally naked for their punishment and then, second, that they must feel the sting and pain of hard leather whipping their rumps. I had to take corporal punishment a lot of times buck-naked and
    felt the pain of welts and blisters on my young butt. It has a positive effect on young males.

    1. I am afraid Joey has largely retired from acting . He has a new job and has moved to a different city quite a long distance away. It was planned that he would make occasional appearances, but the Covid-19 Pandemic has made traveling between cities difficult. As time passes, it becomes less likely that we will see him again, which is sad, we miss him.

      I believe Sting is the only studio he filmed with, and that he hasn’t done any other adult work. However, I will check with Rich and Rob in case they know of any.

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