David Swanson plays a lazy lad who just isn’t trying to get a job but is happy to hang around at home and live off his guardians money. This is a situation that just can’t go on. This boy needs some serious encouragement, the sort he used to get in his early teen years. Now a strapping nineteen year perhaps its time to revive old measures. It worked in the past so why not again!


Going over the knee for a spanking when you think you are too old for it is a humiliating punishment.


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Sometimes however its just what’s needed, especially when the perpetrator becomes so intransigent The stinging India rubber sole of his step Dad’s carpet slipper will be the perfect finale to end this unfortunate lads disciplinary scene.






By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Angry Step Dads Back Home Again”
  1. As much as I love the sight of a boy getting his bottom smacked over the boxer-briefs that most of the young scamps we see on Jock Spank wear, it really is a joy to watch a boy being laid over the knee in the coloured briefs that these days are sadly so much less popular with young lads! Thanks for wearing those undies, David! If only more boys would follow your example, though as I surf the web I do see evidence of briefs making a bit of a comeback!

    WHAT a deliciously pert, well-rounded bottom young David has to smack! And how beautifully its peachy curves are enhanced by his red underpants – such an appropriate colour to wear for a spanking! What I’d give to change places with Rob!

  2. That slipper can pack a nasty sting on a bare bottom if you spank hard enough.Don’t like the undies though,prefer boxers or boxer briefs like Jaydee wears.

    1. Hi George

      The Step Dad in this video is Rob, he is one the owners of Sting, who spends most of his time behind the camera, but gives some memorable on screen performances from time to time, usually in Step-Dad, teacher or Doctor roles

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