Angry StepDads 28

Angry Stepdad Domonic is not happy to say the least after receiving a phone call about a report that his stepson (new Stinglad Kyle Polanski) detailing his appalling performance at college and quite rightly this has to be dealt with here and now.

Starting with a good spanking on his jeans

And finishing on his bare bottom kyle knows his Stepdad means business.

But just when he thought it was over his stepdad arrives back with a heavy leather strap. so it is over the back of the chair with his ass raised high to receive a good strapping. This is something he will not forget for a long time!

Introducing Kyle Polanski



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Angry Stepdads 28 – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Angry StepDads 28”
  1. Always good to see a new model but quite honestly even taking into account it was |Kyles fist punishment this was very disappointing. Both the spanking and strapping were very tame.

      1. I agree with Luke – I wouldn’t be throwing a boy too far in at the deep end for his very first spanking. If things are anything like they are with teenagers here in England, he might never have had his bottom smacked before – it’s becoming sadly frowned on here. Best not to be too strict and hard on him until at least his second punishment.

  2. Oh, my ears and whiskers! What a gloriously rascally little scamp! Perfect for Sting with those youthful, impudent looks, beautifully boyish physique and deliciously rounded bottom just moulded by the gods of Spankers’ Heaven to be smacked! And, my word, doesn’t he simply radiate attitude! I’ve made my feelings known before at FTS about how you deal with attitude in a young lad – it needs to be spanked out of him, good and properly! No boy can easily keep up attitude while he is laying face down over a knee, getting his bottom well and truly smacked!

    The combination of jeans and tight coloured boxer-briefs does it for me every time! And what a pair of boxers young Kyle has put on as spankingwear for this clip, showing himself to be a firmly established and very committed member of the coloured underpants brigade! These pants are definitely pants with attitude, to match Kyle’s own! One of the most flamboyant pairs of underpants I think we’ve ever seen a boy wearing at Sting and representing a pants-drawer that looks as if it will be very brightly and colourfully stocked! The perfect length for framing Kyle’s juicy little bottom for smacking, too, with no seams to mar the smoothness of the seat!

    With that boyish an appearance, we just have to see Kyle in a naughty schoolboy scenario – and it has to be in the short grey shorts! Saying that, however he appears next, I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of him!

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