Another Sting in the Woods

When two friends (Elliot Hollman and David Hines) decide to skip college things don’t turn out quite as they expect.


One of them thinks its a great idea to chase the other with a bunch of stinging nettles. Unfortunately they run straight in to their teacher (Marco) who has suspected that his nephew may not have gone to College as he was supposed to. It’s a fine spring day so larking about outside is much more preferable.

The nettles will turn out to be a great solution in dealing with this reckless behaviour, so a French style punishment is now very on the cards for these wayward lads.


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After the nettles have cruelly stung the ring leader’s bare backside both boys are marched in to the woods to continue the punishment with a good bare bottom spanking!










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By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Another Sting in The Woods”
  1. Thank you for another delightful short film. David Hines has that perpetually-surprised look on his face and mischievous, joker grin that is just begging for a spanking. Even when he is getting the nettle thrashing he seems to be about to burst into laughter. Elliot Holman is a charming lad, but I do wish he had burst into laughter. After all, seeing your buddy getting a public backside spanking like that is quite funny. I wish I got to see the boys mucking about and David getting the nettles to use on his friend and whacking his bottom a bit before the run in with Marco. With all that wonderful nature about I wish Marco sent Elliot to “fetch a switch” as we would say in America. But a charming and enjoyable film all in all. By the way – who was that guy that is caught standing in the background? A crew member for the film? Or was he just hiking the woods and got caught by the camera? I was really hoping that Marco was going to leave them both with their pants around their ankles and had hoped that hiker was going to walk by and catch sight of them in their shame. I am not a fan of the baggy boxers, but for this film they worked, just wished there was time spent on smacking their bottoms while the underpants were up. Everyone who makes these types of films always seems to rush past that. For me it’s a shame. Can I please ask another stupid question – after Marco thrashing David with the nettles, when he then spanked David bare handed, did it hurt his hand? Nettle spankings are not an American thing. What is it like being spanked with nettles? What causes the bumps? Does it itch? Does the pain last longer? How long does the bad boy have to endure the nettle pain? I am sorry – but I’m curious and thought I might as well ask. Again, thank you for the film and thank the actors as well.

    1. In America you have poison Ivy which can be very painful when it touches the skin, whereas stinging nettles cause a milder, but still unpleasant reaction. The rash causes a burning sting which takes up to 24 hours to totally fade, so the boy will be sore for quite a while after the birching.

      The nettles are not hard, so the pain isn’t caused by the impact but by the chemical reaction which causes the stinging rash.

      The use of nettles in corporal punishment was more common in France.

      I have forwarded your comment to Sting, so they will see the other points you raise. I think the person in the background is a passer by, but I will check

  2. Thank you so much, Bruce, I am sorry to have pestered you and the group with such silly questions. But I am very grateful for the answers. Thank you so much and please, as always, pass along my appreciation to everyone involved with all of these wonderful films!
    (PS – please ask them for more mouth soap washing, towel snapping, and please spend more time punishing the underpants!)
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  3. Im craving KARL FRAZER again. His brooding manly looks and the way he moves walks and BENDS in DISCIPLINE USA has left me in permanent lalaland ever since. … Still regarding ANOTHER STING IN THE WOODS …I love the story and the outdoor scene however I much prefer switches to nettles, and hunky guys to twinks. But Im not complaining . I think STING does an awesome jobs at catering for all our different little quirks. STING is exceptional in providing authentic upmarket entertainment within the m2m spanking spectrum.

  4. Ofcourse some twinks are hot like JAY SHEEN….. I find him INSANELY SEXY for some reason I cant quite pinpoint so would love to see more of him soon too.

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