Approved Education 20 Part One

The Borstal and Approved School judicial system was prolific in Britain and her colonies for much of the 1920s to the 70s. Similar to the USA Juvenile Hall and Reformatory operations these institutions aimed to turn around a wayward youth with a set timetable, rigorous retraining and firm discipline. Most of these young offenders centres were run like strict schools and of course the inmates were permanent borders there. Some argue its what needed again today!

The first part features young inmate Underhill (Richard Hicks) He has managed to displease his Housemaster (Marco).

Underhill is taken by his ear to be taught a lesson.

The lad knows what to expect and is soon bending down to take a caning on his grey shorts.


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The Housemaster however feels its not enough and the boy is ordered to strip off the shorts and lay face down on a gym bench. He’ll now receive a good leathering on his well raised bare bottom.









The masters strap delivers a scorching sting but its all in preparation for the final part of the lads punishment and that’s a traditional spanking. This over the sore red bands of the strap will certainly make an impression on this cheeky and badly behaved boy!







By Bruce

One thought on “Approved Education 20 Part One”
  1. I do look forward to seeing more with Richard Hicks he does show promise I hope he can build up his tolerance like Robin and Joey I’d love to see him in a modern domestic setting as well he has a lovely bum and I enjoy seeing him spanked.

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