Approved Education 21

Inmates of institutions that are designed to re discipline their young inmates also have periodic exams to track a lads progress. The boys in re training need to get good results. Of course there are ways of ensuring that by cheating but those attempting it soon find out that the offence of cheating carries some very severe consequences!

One such boy, Charlie (new StingLad Lukas Lacey) is caught out by his Housemaster and sent off to his study to be disciplined.

Its going to be the first time for Charlie and he is soon bending over, feeling the sting, by getting a leather strap firmly applied the tight seat of his grey shorts.


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Its not long though before there is nothing between the strap and Charlie’s bare bottom.





Now he’s really learning his lesson but it won’t be over till he’s been taken over the Housemaster’s knee, to receive a good hard bare bottom spanking too!



Introducing Lucas Lacey





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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Approved Education 21”
  1. Another great addition to the Sting portfolio so this should satisfy all of the contributors who have been critical of too much of Austin.
    Come on, let us appreciate what the team at Sting are putting on for us. They are simply the best and always have been in my opinion.

  2. God bless you, Swanlad, you are right on the mark! I purchased this film based on your recommendation and I am thrilled I did so. Lukas Lacey has a leprechaun puckish quality that is truly wonderful. Just wish the director lingered onto his face a touch longer when Lukas tasted the strap for the first time. I am foolishly fond of the white briefs and never think they stay up long enough. But that’s my thing that other’s might not share. (PS I love sting’s wet bottom films just wish the boys were wearing tighty whities that were wet – those go all see through and its a sight to be seen) This was a wonderful brief film. A delightful scamp. A LITTLE RASCEL, if you will (would love some films using those comic shorts as inspiration) and I hope more films starring Lukas are headed our way. Is it me, but are these naughty boys getting off lightly for their bad behavior? If I was caught doing such a thing the paddling would be epic! And then a worse spanking with a wooden spoon when I got home.

  3. Sorry – a PS please – I also loved Lukas Lacey’s wiggle and dance as he tried to pull up his pants. Wonderful! (can I ask a question – what is it with the short pants I never understood that and could someone please explain Prefects and why they had a right to cane/spank other students?) I Know I am Annoying. I don’t mean to be I guess I’m just a Columbo at heart and keep asking annoying questions.

    1. Hi Kass, Other visitors may have a better explanation, but from my understanding, Prefects are pupils in an educational establishment, who are appointed to senior positions and given responsibilities, and authority, They are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance at all times and provide a positive role model for other pupils.

      It is largely no longer the case, but in the past some establishments granted the Prefects the authority to impose discipline, and back when corporal punishment was still permitted this could this could involve physical punishment. (The scene in the movie “If” where three senior students cane the Malcolm McDowell character is based on this)

      Some Prefects, like Joey Whyte in “Bad Prefect”, exceeded their authority and imposed corporal punishment which they were not authorised to. If caught they could receive even more severe punishment, as Joey did (I am pleased to say – I highly recommend that video!!!)

      Short trousers were commonly worn in British schools up until the 1970’s, and are still worn at some schools in Australia and New Zealand (The Kiwi College uniform is an accurate example)

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