Approved Education 22

An unruly student is reporting to his Housemaster. Richardson (James Lewis) is in deep trouble, and he knows it. It’ll be a spanking for sure, good and long.


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He deserves it mind you and to make sure he remembers and behaves in future it’ll be two positions, high on the knee and traditionally over it too! Now behave boy!




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Title 2257

By Bruce

15 thoughts on “Approved Education 22”
  1. This is my ideal Sting clip; super cute lad in school shorts getting a good, long, OTK hand spanking. I love the “high over one knee” position so this one is especially sexy. I also love that the first round is on the school shorts. Of course I also love that the shorts come down. So all in all this one is perfection. Bought it the second it came out.

  2. This is great. James Lewis plays the role of naughty schoolboy so well. And those shorts are perfect. Would love to see Finn in those. 😍

  3. Agree with the previous comments. James Lewis looking very cute. Also love the fact the first round is on the school shorts and underwear. Be great to see Finn Harper in those shorts and receiving the elevated spanking position with a long OTK spanking. Its about time Finn received another long hard spanking.
    Good also to see James Holt being featured – shame he is no longer on the receiving end but he is great in this role too.

    1. Bruce do you think there is any chance of us seeing James Lewis and Finn Harper in a school scene together, both in the short shorts? That would be really hot!

      1. Hi D

        That is possible, I will suggest it to the Director. You will be seeing Finn in school based duo with one of the new guys, Karl Laska, shortly


  4. James Lewis is a nice-looking lad. I liked that elevated spanking position he was in, too. Unfortunately, his response to his spanking was too stoic for my taste.

    Bruce, I have a question about this video, and the same question applies to many other recent Sting videos. James Lewis was ordered to remove his school uniform shorts, he did so, and reassumed the OTK position over James Holt’s lap. After spanking him on his underwear for a while, James Holt ordered James Lewis to take off his underwear. Lewis did so, reassumed the OTK position, and James Holt spanked him on the bare buttocks.

    I can understand why the spanker would want the spankee to remove or lower his trousers himself – there are belts and zippers and buttons to unattach. However, in the case of underwear, the spanker simply could have slid the spankee’s underpants down himself – there is no need for the spankee to get up off of the spanker’s lap, lower or remove his underwear, and then get back over the spanker’s lap – a lot of wasted motion that breaks up the continuity of the spanking. Furthermore, I would think the spankee would be humiliated further by having the spanker lower his underwear for him.

    So my question, Bruce, is – why don’t you have the spanker pull down the spankee’s underwear himself instead of having the spankee do it?

    1. That’s a rather good question Rasputin but having the model stand up is actually a very good idea because it It emphasizes the embarrassment for the model being told to take down his own underwear he is submitting to being told what to do and being corrected for is error also we get to see his “package” but having the spanker making the model stand then the spanker removing the models underwear is really hot in fact there was a really old CTS clips called “Student Body Control” where the top removes the models jean’s it was it was very erotic. I’ve noticed that sometimes with Sting we often only see the back of the model as there underwear is removed but for me having a front view is pleasing. I think that removing the underwear while the model is OTK is quite awkward and it’s much easier for them to stand up it makes more sense I’ve actually seen content where the top struggles to get the models underwear down and I thought why not just make them stand up… 🤷‍♂️ I feel like there is a wrong and right way of doing things and definitely having the model stand is easier but yes thumb up for the top taking the models underwear down something like this….

    2. I get what both of you are saying, I know quite often in past movies, Sting have had the top remove the unlucky spankee’s pants, I have particularly fond memories of this scene from “A quick lesson”, where Marco pulls Rudi’s pants right off :
      Perhaps Sing could feature alternative methods from time to time, so as to please both tastes.

      I will speak to the director

  5. Hi Bruce thanks for the reference to “A quick lesson”. I’m a huge fan of Rudi – but must have missed this one. Will check it out if still available.

  6. Just watched this clip again this morning and it really is excellent. I particularly like the way James’ shorts ride up a bit during the OTK spanking. It was a slight shame that the camera was a bit too high when James is sat down to properly see his shorts in parts of the clip but otherwise this was great. Look forward to seeing more clips with these shorter, tighter fitting school shorts.

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