The 12th field Cavalry Regiment is busy training its newest recruits. Some of them have already run in to the strict discipline used to train these junior soldiers! As a cavalry regiment its not unusual for the traditional riding whip or a leather halter to be used to good effect.


Trooper Harkness (Adam Black) has been up on a change with the C.O. He is given a punishment off the record and dispatched to his senior NCO Sargent Sharpe for execution.


Soon the young trooper is over the Officer’s knee, legs spread wide. A good bare bottom spanking will just be the start of his punishment! 



A young solider who steps out of line can expect a good hiding from his senior training officer. Sgt Sharpe’s favourite instrument of correction is an old well used hickory switch. 



This thin whippy stinger can have a boy yelping with regret in no time. Harkeness’s well rounded bare bottom is a clean canvass soon to be painfully illustrated with the biting red welts of the switch. 



Its what a tough young teenaged soldier needs to learn to endure. Harkness will make a good soldier in future and will no doubt often remember the harsh discipline that turned him in to an adult Trooper first class!


Meanwhile another recruit to the regiment, Trooper Jones (Paul Wolfe) has got himself in to trouble with his training officer (Travis McKinnon) Like Sargent Sharpe he believes in getting straight to the bottom of the problem. 



For this junior being taken over the muscular Sargent’s knee like a naughty boy is very humiliating but its far better than going on report. The training Sargent’s arm is raised, the slaps smack down, one eighteen year old recruit’s firm, once blemish free, bottom is now turning red raw and sore! 



Leather horse harness is ready available in the 12th Field Cavalry. Trooper Jones training officer has always made good use of it to discipline the young recruits. Now its in his hands once more and raw recruit Jones is kneeling high up on the NCOs desk for a good strapping! 



The bands of fire thwack home, their burning effect is soon revealed as Jones already well spanked bare bottom turns even redder! Sitting in the saddle is going to be difficult for a while or at the very least a painful reminder to carry out orders properly in future.




By Bruce

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