The Training Sargent’s themselves are no angles and the Junior Cadet Sargent’s mess is a favourite haunt for a pint of beer… or a few! After a riotous night out on the town Sargent Douglas finds himself on a charge for being drunk and disorderly.

This is a relief for Douglas but not for long, as the officer deserves his fearsome reputation!


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Lieutenant Sharpe favours the cane and a good hard army caning can get the attention of any wayward young trooper, junior Sargent or otherwise!






If it doesn’t work, the bare bottom spanking to follow surely will!




By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Army Discipline 3 (Part 2 of 2) with Video Preview”
  1. How hot does James Holt look in his uniform and James fills out those shorts perfectly not to mention his great legs in those long socks. Would be great to see a remake of this or similar Army theme with James Holt Finn Harper & Marco.

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