Army Discipline 4

Back in the training depot at the 12th field Cavalry regiment two more young troopers have got themselves put on a charge.

There’s a way out though and an off the record punishment is often the way to leave training records unblemished. The only thing that won’t be unblemished however is the lads rear ends. This is the target area used by the training sergeants to deliver new orders, usually with a strap, riding whip and the flat of their hands!

The first is Trooper Regan (Bob Stone) he’s fallen behind in his duties whilst out in the field. Now he is despatched by the C.O to be disciplined by his training NCO, Sergeant Sharpe. As its a cavalry regiment he can expect to feel the biting sting of the training whip and after that, a long hard army style bare bottom spanking!



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By Bruce

One thought on “Army Discipline 4 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Marco is Fine Looking – down right HOT – sporting his Beard! Bob Stone is also a manly man who makes the heart skip a beat. Wonderful casting! Would love to see the actor Bob Stone being shamed by a good spanking on this tighty whities.

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