Army Discipline 5

A junior soldier in training (Luke Geer) fails another inspection by the Sergeant (Dorian Easton).

Discipline in the training platoons must be maintained and it’s traditional with the juniors to use a swift and appropriate punishment for the fit lads that they are.

An army issue leather belt brought down hard across a boys taught khaki shorts is a good start.


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It’s even better when it begins to collide, issuing a scorching thwack, on the bare bottom!

Still this defaulter won’t be properly dealt with till he’s been over the NCO’s knee! The Sergeant’s muscular right arm brings a stinging climax to the lad’s whole retraining ordeal.

Luke Geer plays the unlucky soldier



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8 thoughts on “Army Discipline 5”
  1. hey, can you tell me what kind of content you offer on OnlyFans. I love the platform, just not sure what kind of videos you offer there.


  2. Dorian Easton is as hot as hell. Any chance we might get to see him as a badly behaved Games Master in a school who has no option but to accept a really good Caning from the Headmaster ….. would absolutely love this

  3. To those asking to see Dorian Easton take a spanking, as I have explained before, Dorian is a natural top and is more comfortable in that role (which he performs with increasing skill) It is unlikely that situation will change.  Sorry for the disappointment  

  4. Two hot guys in a hot scene. i also would like Dorian to take the cane as suggested. Please keep trying that one. But also keep hom as the hot top

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