As one of Sting’s most spanked stars, Brett has been hand-spanked, slippered and caned, many times each, his handsome bare bottom has been been birched, strapped and belted and received a taste of the tawse, he has also handed out a few spankings himself, memorably in Discipline Down Under one and in Reformatory USA he took his turn paddling a few bare bottoms.

In Asian Incident it was his turn to feel the wooden paddle, and, from his expression, it was not an experience he enjoyed!! (which, of course, makes it all the more fun for us!!)


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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “(Asian Incident) Brett gets the paddle”
  1. Jlb8203—The paddle across Bret beautiful Bare Hiney is great .The body language indicates he isn’t happy and is in some pain as it should. be.The only negative would be in some of the clips Bret has some sort of Tshirt on it would be more foused if he was completelyNaked as it should be.As it is a Bare Ass with the Paddle.In my view when one is to get a Spanking and or a whipping it’s better accomplished when the victim is completely Naked

  2. in regard to Brett getting thePaddle –the clips are great and why would we expect him to be happy about getting the Paddle .All the clips gave us a good indication of what was happening and it was clear that the spanker new how to use the Paddle and that it was a better than the ordinary session with the Paddle

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