Austin’s Antics

One lad (Austin Cook) feels in an overly cheeky and playful mood as he sees his coach walking into the changing room after a shower. That rounded naked bottom is too good a target to miss and Austin’s wet towel becomes the perfect pranksters weapon.

Crack, a bullseye shot, now he has to run but he’s not quick enough. Soon the coach hauls him back to the changing room. If he wants to play silly games then he can play the coaches favourite.


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The little scallywag will get his firm little bottom stung as well with a good long spanking. In this the coach is always the winner!




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One thought on “Austin’s Antics”
  1. Finally a Towel Snap! Wish there were more of this! I adore the actor Ryan! Glorious! I have a ridiculous and annoying question about the costumes please. If coming from the shower why is Ryan wearing his top? If going to the shower why is Austin wearing his underpants? Stupid questions, I know, but in America’s locker rooms you stripped down – strut to the showers – when finished soaping up and washing off with your friends – you grab a towel and head back to your locker to dress up. Is this a cultural difference or a production choice? If I may also say – a sound effect of other guys hanging out in the locker room or showering together would have been well heard (many peeking out to see the punishment and laughing) perhaps that is a detail STING might add to a film in the future? In my day when a guy was getting a good paddling – it was always great fun to watch by all of us. We also could hear the coach paddling another guy in another section of the locker room even if we couldn’t actually see it. [By the way in America, at my school, paddings were carried out by any coach or assistant coach – sometimes even the quarterback or “head boy” of the team was given authority to spank/paddle a team mate – just an FYI – also – just an FYI at my school and many others there was an entire section of the wall in the locker room where ALL of the coaches and assistant coaches paddle hung in a row on the wall and you were sent to get the specific coach’s paddle] Not trying to annoy anyone it’s just I am just curious about the film choices. This is a wonderful film and I am grateful to everyone involved.

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