Bad News Day
When a wayward lad (Curtis Cameron) brings back bad news in the form of a letter it triggers a result he wasn’t expecting. Tired of his unacceptable behaviour James decides to up the discipline game and give him a darn good honest over the knee spanking. Senior lad or not this is what he really deserves, and he won’t stand up again till his bare bottom is stinging and red raw!


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Title 2257

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Bad News Day”
  1. Great to see young Curtis back again so soon. Bad marks for James though for not spanking him over underwear first. I look forward to seeing Curtis paired with Finn again, they would both look great being disciplined in those short shorts that we keep hearing of in a school or college setting.

  2. Just following on from Swanlad, I just wanted to ask, was Curtis actually wearing any underpants during this clip?

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking

      I am afraid naughty Curtis went Commando for this video, with no pants under his tracksuit bottoms!

      What a naughty boy!

  3. Actually, Curtis was wearing a pair of black underpants which he puts back on at the end of the film when told to get dressed. An opportunity missed by a very careless James who pulled Curtis’s
    tracksuit bottoms and underpants down at the same time.

  4. My apologies – I had only seen the preview when I wrote my initial comment. I hope I don’t sound critical but I would just like to make a plea that opportunities for underpants’ sequences aren’t missed. They are an integral part of any spanking scene for me – the part that I find the biggest turn-on. I don’t mean to sound selfish and I’ve no doubt there are guys sitting there thinking, ‘Change the record, van Spanking!’ But I don’t think I’m alone – it always feels like something’s missing when a boy has a spankable pair of pants on and doesn’t get smacked over them. Just a thought – feel free to set it aside.

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking,
      I can reassure you that in the majority of Sting videos the bad boy does receive a part of their spanking in the seat of their underpants, boxers or briefs, I don’t see any likelihood that this will change. There are some scenarios where underwear would inappropriate, if for instance, the actor is naked from the start, such as in “Who’s Sorry Now” or “More Hard Times For Finn”, there are also historical themes where modern day styles of undergarments would be out of place, and of course, the director or writer has the discretion to apply his creative vision.

      However, Sting are aware that many of their fans enjoy watching “Underpants sequences!” So, I am sure we will see many more of those going forward.

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