Bad Prefect 2

The college Prefects are keen to maintain discipline. Some more keen than others, especially one (Spencer Lake) who has pulled up another lad (James Lewis) for insolent and slovenly behavior. This lad is cheeky with it too and the Prefect this time intends to teach him a lesson.


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The Prefects themselves, although chosen for their ability to lead by example and maintain moral responsibility, are no angels! This particular Prefect is also wanted by the Housemaster for his own indiscretions. Today he’s going to get a good dose of what he can so easily dish out to others but now across his own bare backside!

Filmed in Czech with English subtitles




Bad Prefect 2 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Bad Prefect 2 – in Standard Definition


Versions if this video without subtitles can be found HERE


An HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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By Bruce

15 thoughts on “Bad Prefect 2”
  1. This is a great day for Sting and I am bursting with pride and excitement. First of all, this is a very hot video with excellent actors. More importantly, however, we must all take a moment to applaud Sting’s willingness to take risks as filmmakers and artists. I know subtitles will not be to everyone’s individual taste. That is not the point of the matter. What is important is allowing for an artistic experiment that may yield positive growth and change. This courageous artistry is what has set Sting apart in the past and it will play an enormous role in their future. I applaud you all for taking the leap into the abyss. Don’t allow viewers’ immediate, knee-jerk reactions to clutter your brain. Keep thinking of the stories you want to tell and how you will express those stories with text, actors, and film editing. Congrats, Sting. This is an important moment.

  2. I think that having SUBTITLES is ridiculous if you’re watching spanking content who reallyis wanting to read subtitles anyway. I’m not a fan of this feature and furthermore from an overall quality perspective it’s covers up the action and intrudes on the picture I’m not feeling it and Sting have done well so far without the need to do this. However if people do like this subtitled feature then personally I think there needs to be an option to have the clip with and without subtitles. I of course understand from an acting perspective it allows for somewhat of a more organic performance in there native language but for me the performance is about the action foremost and 90% of the time most people get the gist of what’s happening anyhow without having to have every word echoed.

    I agree partly with the comment above about taking risks etc that is really important experimenting but that doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be the best idea as I explained above but I can appreciate the willingness to want to try something and maybe in certain type of stories subtitles could work especially for a “documentary styled spanking clip” that similar to “Kevin’s Dad” from “Mans Hand Films” which I’ve always wanted Sting to recreate where dialogue would be most important. I could just imagine really enjoying a clip but then having subtitles pop up all over the picture that would really irritate me so definitely having the opinion to download the clip with or without subtitles is important at least I think.

    1. I have just read over my comment and it has just dawned on me that even if there was two versions to download one with subtitles and one without it still wouldn’t work for me because I wouldn’t be able to understand what was being said without the subtitles.

      I just realised that. 🤦‍♂️

      I guess I’ll stick to what I said maybe in certain stories this could work but I probably wouldn’t choose to opt for this output having subtitles pasted all over the video only cheapens the quality in my opinion.

  3. I do love the chance of knowing what the actors are saying – and of course speaking in their native language makes for a chance of some wonderful dialogue, maybe some humor as well – maybe another could be released without subtitles so people can chose which to purchase? I wish they would adds credits to the end of their films like they use to.

  4. I personally love the subtitles. I find the slightly broken English a bit offputting and I thoroughly disagree with the commenter above – for me, lots of the enjoyment of the content comes from the story.

  5. Here’s what I love about Sting (apart from the great content!) – in this one video, they have captured so many of our requests – two lads, spanker getting spanked, difficulty sitting after, and speaking in Czech! AND, the courage to try something new! Thanks Sting for indulging your audience so nicely!

    All around great video and I hope we get to see more like this! James even got a bit lippy in this one, which I don’t remember seeing from him much before. Austin and Marco have such great banter off camera – I would love to see a Czech clip with the two of them, as I think we would get to see a whole new level of resistance and/or cheekiness from the lad and some firm scolding from Marco to complement the punishment!

  6. I really feel strongly about this people who are saying that the subtitles would allow for a more natural performance although I do agree with that somewhat given the context of the content I’m really not interested in seeing too much dialogue this has always been the attraction to me with Sting It’s straight to the action. I have mentioned many times that the action for me is so important and I have definitely made that known via my comments over the years so even though there is always a story to every clip it’s never to the point where I need to fast forward because there’s too much dialogue. As I mentioned in my other comment if Sting was doing a certain story which was heavy on the dialogue then for me that would completely make sense but I’ve never had a problem understanding any of the models.

    Ps. Don’t get me wrong there are certain types of situations certain types of dialogue which I rather enjoy but it’s never at forefront for me to be able to enjoy a spanking film and sometimes it’s the most simplest of dialogue that I find erotci and enjoyful I don’t mean to be a grouch but I don’t know I’m just not feeling this. I hold my hands up I haven’t yet watched this clip but the thought of having subtitles on content especially when there’s certain parts of the clip that one might want to pause at for certain reasons etc… I don’t know maybe I can be convinced maybe I shouldn’t be too quick to jump to conclusions as I can see there are people who seem to be enjoying it.

    1. Luke, I think you could give this one a try and may find it not distracting. Not every word is sub-titled, just here and there, which I’m sure Sting did mindfully to ensure it didn’t take away from the action. Where sub-titles aren’t used, the meaning is really obvious. It’s a great clip!

    2. Luke, I wanted to clarify something for you and the group: Just because I am pro-subtitles does not mean I am pro-dialogue. I agree with you in so far that the ideal story-scenario should be streamlined, clear, simple, and immediately understandable and relatable. The characters and their relationships should be archetypal in such a way that allows audiences from all over the world to easily process and comprehend the top-bottom roles and that they exist in a world in which discipline reigns and spanking occurs. This is all in service of the “no-nonsense” spanking we all know and love from “stepdads” from cultures near and far. I’m not advocating for the Stinglads to start reciting monologues from “Hamlet.” As I have told Bruce privately through email, I want the boys to be free in their reactions and to be able to make eye contact and engage with their scene partners. I miss hearing boys beg/protest or try to argue or bargain their way out of the punishment in the way all young miscreants do. No contemporary young boy would ever submit to their roommate or schoolmate without trying to negotiate out of it first. For the stepdad-son scenes, I’d love to hear a good “Go to your room and wait for me” every now and then. That’s it. If you watch the classic Sting videos with the UK stars, the dialogue is minimal. I know it’ll never be Brett and Dr. Barton — I know that’s unreasonable. I want SOMETHING, and this is a good start.

  7. Just bought this clip and love it. Sting is smart to try out Czech language clips with subtitles. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t do clips like this as an occasional option. I love all their stuff but there’s something sexy about getting to see the models more relaxed and present by speaking Czech and not having to think about their English. This is a great experiment and I’d love to see more like it. I’d also love a version of a similar story with the OTK spanking first and then the implements. I love when the first round of spanking is on the tight school shorts. But congrats, Sting on what, I think, is your debut with subtitles. Great work as always.

    1. I disagree with some of these comments I don’t particularly like younger SPANKING younger I don’t find it very believable. I also FIRMLY DISAGREE with having the OTK spanking first because its almost never severe enough when doing it in that order especially for those of us who only want to see OTK HAND SPANKING so I’m not a fan of that either. Furthermore having now seen the subtitles in action I’m afraid it’s still a no from me… Yes they are placed sufficiently mostly prior and after the action however it doesn’t look good visually plus I don’t feel I can truly emphasize as much without hearing the English language even if it is such a small part of these clips it’s still effective.

  8. Hey – here’s a crazy idea – can we have a film start with an opening where the handsome actors give us a Czech Language Lesson like – this is how to say “I’m a Bad Boy.” “I deserve a Spanking” “My bottom hurts” etc. in Czech?

  9. Have now purchased this download and its excellent. Sub titles to me are neither here or there, its the content which counts and this has it all.
    James Lewis made the perfect sixth former and his bottom had been prepared just right for the film. Nearly smooth but with the hint of downy hair ad when it was being slippered it was the perfect turn on especially when his big balls were swinging in tune to the striking of the slipper.
    Spencer too, played his part very well and took a nice hard belting and spanking.
    It was brilliant to see two boys again in the same film and next time I would like to see James and young Lucas together in a similar scene and how nice it would be if at least one of the boys had a stiffy after their punishment. James in this clip looked as if he would not need much encouragement to oblige.
    Thank you all 10 out 10 is my score.

  10. To P
    I apologise for editing your comment without letting you know. Usually I would contact a commentator and discuss any concerns I had about their comment, However, you did not provide a valid email address, so I could not do so. As requested I have deleted the edited comment.

    I hope you will comment again.


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