Bad Timing

Introducing new StingLad Jonah Winter, In his first Spanking story he plays David and college student who likes to take time of from his studies, completely unofficially of course.

Young David’s guardian knows that this period in his college studies is most important, he is near to graduating and the only way to get a good job is to have a decent set of final exam results. However, this doesn’t stop young David bunking off again though except this time he’s in for a shock!


When he arrives home early his guardian is there waiting! Unexpectedly he’s home from work early too. For David, saying they sent him home early doesn’t wash, a quick phone call uncovers the real truth.


Now he’s going to get what maybe he should have had sometime back, a good Spanking and stinging strapping on the bare bottom!

David’s Bad Timing is going to earn him a very sore bottom indeed!!


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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Bad Timing”
  1. I really love the theme here it was fabulous admittedly I am more in favour for modern Sting as it’s right up my street but add a domestic home setting then you hit the core of my spanking fetish so the story/theme I really enjoyed very much and seeing Marco playing the dad was the cherry on top for me and Jonah looked quite good I loved the white socks along with the leg spreading. A simple OTK spanking on the sofa is very effective and erotic!! Oh and I like the one line comments such as “you know the position” giving us thought that this is a regular thing in this “strictly run” household it adds structure to the story of the situation at hand.

    Ps. Marco needs to play Robin’s dad in a similar circumstance to this maybe Robin could be sent home from college for fighting!! That would be super hot and because it’s Robin Marco could tear right into him and towards the end of the spanking Marco could call up the lad that Robin beat up and invite him over with Robin facing the wall upon the other lads arrival Robin is then spanked with a hard set of slaps and sent to bed in front of the other guy who would then be seen walking out laughing.

    Ah this clip got my imagination lit 🔥🚒 😁

  2. All credit to Sting for bringing us such an impressive collection of new models which is greatly appreciated and a change from the regular seasoned participants which we are all used to. Jonah is a great find as he is so believable in this film and the touch at the end with the pain relieving cream is a good finale to a fantastic clip. Great performances from Jaydee Black and Richard Hicks as well in the Down Under and Approved Education Clips respectively. More of the same from these debutants please.

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