Bench Time

Playing sports requires teamwork and when one of the team (Luke Geer) ends up in a fight he seriously needs some bench time!

The team coach (Ryan Conway) is very disappointed in Luke’s behaviour and there is only one outcome that will solve the situation, and that starts with a sting caning. Starting on his tight white shorts


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Luke quickly learns that he is in for a painful experience as he is then ordered to remove his shorts and underwear down to his bare bottom, each time receiving another set of the painful crack of the cane.

And if he thinks its over he can think again as he is now taken over the coaches knee for a damn good spanking on his already burning backside. It’s safe to say that he won’t be fighting again anytime soon.

Luke Geer gets some Bench Time




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By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Bench Time”
  1. Thanks Sting for an authentic and exciting look into the locker room with Ryan and Luke.

    From the moment the incredibly handsome Luke walks into the locker room its impossible not to take your eyes off those tight white shorts. We are treated to some incredible views of Luke bent over in the shorts with his underwear waistband visible (hot) and also the outline of his underwear visible thru the shorts. The shorts doing a great job of showcasing Luke’s incredible butt. Ryan then treats us to Luke receiving a caning across his shorts. Great camera angles with some great POV moments. The pace of the video is perfect with Ryan delivering some unhurried swats across Lukes butt. Camera catches some good shots of Lukes facial reactions.
    What a moment when Ryan tells Luke to drop his shorts. For the underwear purists this is amazing. We get to see Lukes amazing butt in the tightest light grey boxer briefs imaginable. which showcase Lukes cheeky butt to perfection. Ryan then procees to deliver some more swats across Lukes superb butt – so hot watching Luke caned across his underwear. I could have watched Luke bent over in his underwear for some time but it was time to move onto the main event.
    Ryan continues to cane Lukes bare butt which for all sorts of reasons is amazing. Again some great camera work.
    Luke is told to stand against the wall where we get to see some lingering POV shots of Lukes perfect butt.
    Then Ryan delivers an unhurried otk hand spanking which is perfect. Great close ups of Lukes butt and facial expressions. You can see the hand spanking is starting to get thru to Luke.Some nice rapid fire by Ryan towards the end.
    Luke is then told to get dressed where we are treated to Luke putting on those tight grey boxer briefs and white shorts.
    If you like Luke (and his cute butt) tight shorts, tight underwear, a no nonsense caning and spanking – then this is for you.
    Perfectly paced realistic video in a great setting.
    Thanks Sting Ryan and Luke you knocked this out of the park for me. Can we see Luke more often…..
    (Also liked Lukes final photo on the blog looks great with his new haircut.)
    Couple of requests would Sting consider some exteneded photo gallerys for purchase. The photos included in the blog are great but more of Luke bent over in those shorts and underwear would be amazing.

    Finn….is he back soon ? Hopefully in those short shorts.

  2. It is beyond me to write as eloquently as Ethan has so I will simply second that it is wonderful to see Luke return and that I hope to see him more often. I appreciate its not to everyone’s tastes but I would love to see him receive a harsher spanking, perhaps a bath brush. He is very stoic so it would be a joy to see him tested a little more.

  3. I agree with both Ethan and Charlie. Luke is a handsome, buff lad, and his new hairstyle is most becoming. I would especially like to see him in tight, skimpy briefs getting a hard, long OTK spanking. A spanking with a heavy bath brush would also be nice. Luke’s response to his spanking is too stoic for my taste, however. If Luke had squirmed over Ryan’s lap while being spanked, and he had kicked his legs, grunted, cursed, grimaced, etc. this would have been a truly great spanking video.

  4. A superb production and most that needs saying has already been made. My only observation is the production could have been better if Luke had been made to adopt the true schoolboy position of touching his toes. That would have greater enhances the attributes of his bottom.

  5. WOW!!! Correct me if I’m wrong (the more severely, the better, haha!) but I think this is the first time we’ve seen a triad cane in use at ‘Feel the Sting’! I have seen such a cane being used on another spanking site, where the boy being disciplined had to bend over a table, naked except for a pair of tight and skimpy black slip briefs! The caning was clearly exceedingly painful! And, of course, it would be! Just imagine – three slender, supple rattan rods administered across your bottom all at once – after just two whacks, you’ve effectively had six of the best! And we can see that this truly awesome instrument of punishment reaches a much broader area of a boy’s bottom than a single cane! OWWW!!!

    I’m guessing that Ryan is perhaps getting a little old to be spanked, though this video gives us a reminder of just how pert and spankable his own cheeky bottom is in his close-fitting sports shorts! I really appreciate the way he has grown into his role as a spanking top! In this video in particular, we can see that he lays the business end of the cane on across Luke’s well-rounded bottom with unerring accuracy – applying the tips, the fastest moving parts of the cane and therefore those likely to cause maximum pain! He surely is learning!

    As for young Luke himself, well, what can anyone say that hasn’t already been said by my fellow FTS fans?! Handsome and muscular and with a beautifully cheeky bottom that just is to die for – reminding me somewhat of Tigger’s bottom from Sting’s earlier days, though Luke’s bum tops off a rather more muscular pair of legs! And, as always, I find myself happily concurring with my fellow Stingfan, Ethan, about Luke’s choice of underpants for his punishment! A great colour, tight and absolutely just the right length to frame the lad’s bottom for a good thrashing! I would really love to see Luke laid over the knee in those boxer-briefs for a good smacked bottom! A wonderful selection from what is evidently a well-stocked pants-drawer! I could, like our friend Ethan, have watched Luke being caned on his underpants for a lot longer!

    I know I have criticised sting in the past over the issue of short grey school shorts, now of course, magnificently rectified! But I’ve never faulted them, nor wished to, on their wide range of short sports shorts! Sting excels in this department! The pair Luke is wearing here are a great length for punishment, showing the waistline of his boxer-briefs, so full of Eastern European promise, with the tight, translucent white nylon enabling us to see what colour underpants the boy is wearing as he bends over to receive the thrashing he deserves! This sort of sight is one I never, ever tire of!

    It really is the cat’s ass to see Luke in action again – or, should I say, having action imposed upon him! I’d like to see more such action.

    Just to conclude, folks, I have to once more add my call to Ethan’s to see young Finn Harper laid over the knee and spanked in the short grey shorts we’ve already seen him caned in!

  6. Good production ho actors. I agree with Charlie that a harder spanking would even be more appealing. And of course master Ryan should also get it, obviously in a different scenario.

  7. Came across Sting and wow! What a hot masculine guy Luke is. The shorts and underwear are a hotness overload and Ryan is definitely in control here. Can you get Luke back as soon as.
    The other guy whose grabbed my attention is FInn Harper a guy who knows how to wear a pair of shorts looks good in and out of them. Can I sign up for a daily dose of Finn.

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