The two hapless young mechanics’ ordeal continues. In Mr Sharpe’s view a punishment is not complete without a good hard over the knee, bare bottom, Spanking.

And an over the knee bare bottom Spanking is what they are going to get.


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After this extensive maintenance to their rear end bumpers, the two incompetent young mechanics will not be sitting down on the job for quite a while!

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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Bodge & Sharper (Part 2 of 2) plus Video Preview”
  1. Oh la la! Quel tour de force! (Excuse me, but I’ve just come back from France – still in the mode a bit!) At some point, I must count how many times the ever-cheeky, naughty Robin has had his bottom smacked! And young Axel makes him a super partner-in-discipline! Two of Sting’s cheekiest, twinkiest little monkeys together! I do so hope Marco realises JUST how lucky he is as he exercises his role with his usual wonderful strictness! I love the way there is no messing around and the boys are stripped to their T-shirts and underpants straight away – and what great colours their pants are! I adore blue boxer briefs, whatever shade, and the lads wear them SO spankably! Part of me, as those of you who know me would expect, would have loved to see the boys laid over the knee in them, but there again, variety, if not necessarily th spice of life, is certainly the spice of spanking and Marco makes the lads bend over into a very favourable position to get the belt laid on. And from their yelps of anguish, the belt s clearly finding its mark! The boys’ punishment brought back memories from my teenage years of bending over the dining-room table in my briefs, feeling the stinging smacks of my guardian’s thick, heavy leather belt across my own bottom! The difference between me and the two lads being that a thrashing like they get in this hot clip would have had my cock standing on end like the Eiffel Tower (and I should know – I went right past it in gay Paree just a few days ago!) .

    It wouldn’t be a Sting punishment without the boys’ being laid over the knee and there is something very vulnerable about both tof them as they are this positioned like naughty little boys; Axel looks particularly smackable in just his singlet vest – singlets being one of my big turn-ons! Another superb punishment, administered with all Marco’s customary energy and thoroughness! One thing I LOVE about seeing the Stinglads getting spanked, which isn’t the case with every spanking site, is that they really do get smacked very hard and they take it so well!! It is clear as these two young scamps do their corner-time that their bottoms are very sore indeed! Well taken, lads, and a hearty thank you to you both and to Marco for yet another super spanky clip!

    One question – I assume that this time the boys’ underpants are their own?

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking, that was a great review, I am so pleased you enjoyed this release.

      Off the cuff, I am not sure how many times young Robin has had his bottom spanked, but of course, with such a naughty yong rascal, it can never be enough really, can it?!!

      I believe that, in this instance, the underwear, T Shirts and socks the boy’s wore were their own.

  2. This clip was nice enough it wasn’t my favourite and I do prefer solo scenes but the models was perfectly paired It’s great when a clip features 2 good models aesthetically and one of Stings best actors Robin. Admittedly Robin is my favourite and I am reminded of how much I like him when I see him spanked by Marco I loved the look on Robin’s face as he got up from being spanked over Marco’s knee he felt it a lot. There was the use of Rapid Fire which I always adore after all it is the jam in the middle of the doughnut for me. I know a lot of people will love seeing the two guys bending over the back of the sofa but I am a big fan of OTK so I only wish the OTK segment had been a bit longer or maybe the “ring leader” could have got it longer it would have been really hot had Marco made and example of the ring leader or the one who was most at fault out of both mechanics and Marco made him aware he’d be getting a slightly longer spanking or one of the guys could testify that he seemed to be getting a lot more punishment than the other (just an idea). I enjoyed how Axel started laughing as Robin was in the most intense stage of his spanking (rapid fire) perfect timing. Laughter… Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but it fitted in this scene as I’d like to think that Robin is the cockiest 1 of the 2 so it was nothing but amusing to Axel. Talking of Axel the last shot of his face when his standing at the wall rubbing his bum was the ultimate sobbing/sulking bad boy moment I really got a sense of character from that genuine reaction.

    My other wish with this clip is that Marco would have sat of the sofa behind him while administering the OTK spanking. I miss the sofa spanking’s Sting have done previously… I’m thinking when Rich spanked Joey in “No Police 3” and Rob spanking Nick in “The Ink Ball Incident” I like how the models whole body is on the sofa with there feet hanging over the arm as seen in these links/photos below.

    A side note/idea… I think Robin and Axel would do well in a domestic setting with Marco/Johan playing there uncle/stepfather etc… Maybe a bedroom set-up with the spanking administered in the bedroom or on the bed they’d both make the cheekiest of brothers and Robin could definitely lead in this type of role he prospered in the Bad Lads series with his on screen brother Eric.

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