“Borstal Birching”, was the third in the series directed by Jonathan Fox, and set in a 1950’s Borstal – An institution intended for the correction and discipline of wayward young males – where the Strict House Officer, Mr Hawkins (played by Rusty by then settling comfortably into his role of disciplinarian) knows just how to deal with inmates who misbehave.

Marc Russell plays Inmate 3479 Cassidy whose continued bad behaviour and insolence is very likely to earn him loss of remission meaning more time spent inside – that is unless he accepts the alternative punishment, a hard bare bare bottom spanking followed by a sound birching spread-eagled across the leather vaulting horse.

Cassidy accepts the alternative and soon finds himself regretting that decision.

Meanwhile Inmate 3436 Tanner (Played by James Bruce) attempts to abscond

But he’s out of luck

Tanner’s punishment also involves a firm hand spanking on his bare behind

Followed by THE BIRCH! a number of well deserved swats will remind the unfortunate tanner just who is in charge.


By Bruce

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