Bottling It
Finn Harper is up to no good again and in this case trying to scurry off with a bag of booze.

Unluckily for him Marco is home and doesn’t believe what he is saying so investigates the contents of the said bag. Not surprised and fed up with Finn being dishonest he takes action to deal with him.


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Starting with the cane on his jeans and finishing on his bare backside Finn’s bottom gets more and more painful with each crack of the cane.

Marco is still not satisfied that Finn will behave he is then taken over the knee for a solid spanking on top of those painful welts from the cane, this is most definitely a very uncomfortable finale to his punishment!




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Title 2257

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Bottling It!”
  1. WOW! Another good smacked bottom for the drop-dead gorgeous, uberspankable young Finn! Starting off with a sound thrashing with the cane laid on with all Marco’s customary vim and vigour, before being laid over the knee, stark naked, for one of Marco’s legendary spankings! A super end to my day, which has more than made up for the frustrations of the last few hours!

    I’d just like to make a personal request to Finn himself. While following up Bruce’s internet link from last week, I came across several pictures of Finn wearing tight, brief, coloured briefs! One pair in particular, a pair of Calvin Klein black briefs (one of my favourite colours for spankingwear!) made him look stunningly spankable! I wonder if he would consider wearing them next time he is disciplined at Sting Pictures? Worn with the short grey shorts would just be the cat’s ass! Finn, my OH-SO-SMACKABLE young lad, please just think about it! There are a few of your followers out here would, I’m sure, definitely be willing to pay more to see you getting spanked in those briefs! I know I would! How about it, Finnfans?!

  2. I’d like to see him receive a hairbrush spanking on those gray shorts and black briefs mentioned by Dr. Van Spanking.

  3. Great to see Finn back again. Would agree with the comments above.

    I’d also like to see Finn in those school shorts in a medical scene (maybe with him disobeying the doctor during a school medical) and also caught pleasuring himself in the changing rooms.

    It would also be great to see him again in that tight fitting army outfit he wore in Cadet Harper.

  4. Perfect scene! I would prefer to see belt in action instead of cane, gives me better domestic vibe. Finn looks amazing lying on the table.

  5. Great film! I would prefer to see belt in action instead of cane as it gives better domestic vibe. Finn looks amazing lying on that table!

  6. I forgot to say that I love the thought of a stern stepdad, as portrayed here by Marco, keeping a cane in the home to discipline his stepson with. It is quite clear from young Finn’s expression, as Marco removes the bottle from his rucksack, that the boy knows he’s well and truly in for it!

    I would agree with the others that Finn really looks incredibly spankable laid over the table in those faded close-fitting black jeans and tight black underpants!

    If this kind of punishment was the norm in British homes, the chances are that we’d have far fewer young hooligans around than we have!

  7. It is now illegal in the U K. to physically punish in this way. A more effective deterrent would probably to deprive the miscreant of his mobile phone for a week !!

  8. Finn looking amazing over the table in those tight black jeans. And those legs… Finn always has a great choice of underwear and this time aorund the tight black Nike’s look perfect.
    Maybe we could see Finn wearing socks in a scene next time around – though his feet on view here as with everything Finn related are delightful.
    Along with the good Doctor Van could we request to see Finn in some tight fitting Calvin Klein briefs – and D’s request Finn in the army outfit he wore in Cadet Harper (great video)
    Thanks for the photos – another request would be to see Finn in an extended photo gallery (maybe for purchase?) you guys at Sting definitely show Finn at his best.
    Hope Finn is back again before the Christmas holidays – maybe featured with the hunky James Holt.
    Thanks Finn and Sting.

  9. Excellent. I love the position over the table, and not many will look as good as Finn in this position (displaying his firm butt and thighs). His butt seemed t have toughened up as the tramlines are not very vivid. More of stepdad/coach/headmaster/boss spanking Finn in this positions. And even in white Calvins (I love all colors, including white. Those charming eyes really ask for a spanking…

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