Break In Point

When an artful young man, David (Jerry Bosak) decides to go in for a spree of breaking and entering he had no idea what lay in store or him. His trouble started when he chose the wrong building. It was the Sting prop store regularly visited by Marco and frankly he’s the last person you need to be caught by in there!


Unfortunately it wasn’t Davids lucky day, the dog sensed something and Marco went to check, the boy is caught red handed as the famous saying goes!


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Given the choice David decides he’d rather face Marco’s punishment than have the police called. Well considering what the building is used for the choice of execution is easy to make. David will begin by getting a good strapping while bent over the old Police Court flogging frame.








After the strapping, David can expect a firm and burning, over the knee, bare bottom spanking.




It all has quite an effect on David, certainly leaving our artful burglar to think again.




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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Break In Point”
  1. Great film – but Marco was too gentle with Jerry – breaking and entering is very serious – Marco should have dragged Jerry from the shed, with his pants around his ankles – made him cut his own switch – thrashed him till Jerry cried, and then spanked him severely where guys passing by could hear and come and watch and laugh at the want-to-be thief. By the way – what a lovely dog – what breed is he? Does he/she have a name?

    1. LOL! PPoor Jerry, he was lucky you didn’t catch him!!!

      The dog is Rocky, he is a regular member of the Sting crew! I believe he is a Minature Golden Retriever

  2. I agree with Kass, Jerry got away with too light a punishment. I would certainly have used the cane on those very deserving globes. Yet always a treat to se his muscular but spanked.

  3. Nice to see Jerry’s backside back to its natural, hairy state. Love seeing hairy buttocks getting a good corrective massage!

  4. Attractive and masculine Jerry Bosak, with those firm buttocks deserving of severe punishment. If he was my neighbor, I would have found a reason to spank him every day (lol). I hope we will see many more productions with him.
    PS I also would have used the cane as well as the strap for breaking and entering…

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