Broken In

Broken In

Breaking in to James’s apartment would quick and easy pickings or so Finn thought.

After gaining unlawful access Finn soon discovered that James was not at work like he thought he would be.

With the options of the police being called or being dealt with there and then Finn reluctantly chose the latter, a choice he would quickly realise was a deserving but painful encounter.


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Starting with the riding crop on jeans

James finishes the stinging session on Finn’s throbbing red bare arse.

Thinking he had been dealt with Finn was then ordered over James’s knee for a damn good spanking making sure that perfectly shaped bottom was stinging and glowing something any lad would not want to repeat in a hurry!




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Broken In – in Standard Definition


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11 comments on “Broken In

  1. Poor Finn, may he never learn his lesson! He does his usual sterling job of getting into his part, with some nice facial expressions thrown in during the spanking (though his mileage may differ… ). Another very nice clip, hope he’ll be back soon.

    • Hi CFNM is currently on hold due to logistical reasons. However, Sting hope to restart both CFNM and Hornet at some point in the future. I can’t say exactly when I am afraid

  2. Excellent pairing with Finn and James. Finn looks great as always and as Vince has mentioned does a good job of getting into his part. Finn looked great in his black jeans and the position over the table was ideal. Great for showing off Finns assets in both his black jeans and his tight underwear.Thanks Sting. Really liked the visuals of Finn over the table with his underwear in full view and his jeans around his ankles – perfect. James puts the riding crop to great use and really gets into his part too.
    The OTK spanking showed Finns exceptional long legs and James enthusiasum was a plus. On a personal note I do like Finn wearing his socks throughout the scene but we were treated to that in his last video. I’m not sure if Finns height makes it diffiuclt for James signature ‘high over the knee’ spanking – but that would have also been the icing on the cake. Maybe next time.
    The James and Finn pairing’s are among my favourites. Bring back James and Finn soon. (And can we have Finn in those grey Short Shorts soon please….)

  3. Another truly wonderful purchase as its always a great pleasure to see that superb bottoom of Finn’s well disciplined. James has now left Marco well behind in the severity of his punishments.
    Finn wore some super briefs which clung to his bottom and showed it of to the full. The position over the table was excellent highlighting not just Finn’s bottom but strong thighs as well,
    This delightful film has started my Bank holiday weekend well. Thank you Finn, James and Sting .Am still living in hope that Alex Law, James Lewis and Finn will appear in a ‘bumper’ school or adult education production.!!!!!

  4. I think we should all be thankful that Finn never learns his lesson!
    My thanks to both Finn and James for a wonderful vid.

  5. I just never tire of watching young Finn getting his cheeky bottom smacked and it was a seriously boner-making experience seeing James whip the lad’s bum with a riding crop! I just LOVE the pun ‘broken in’, likening Finn to a well-disciplined pony!

    Something about the way Finn lays over the table to be punished is a real turn-on and not for the first time makes me realise how spankable all slim-built boys look bending over in black trousers! I watched this preview for the first time on a netbook with a small screen and was rather dismayed, when Finn was bent over the table so smackably, to see that he appeared to be wearing white boner-killers, the thing that always makes a spanking video less successful for me. So when I was able to watch it on a bigger screen and saw that his boxer-briefs were in fact very light-grey, the one potential fly in the ubersexy ointment of this super little film was, to my great joy, immediately removed!

    As Michael observes above, a great start to the bank holiday weekend! Thanks to the two lads and all involved in the making of ‘Broken in’! Please could I add my voice to Ethan’s in calling for Finn to be spanked in the recently acquired grey short shorts? I’ve wondered, too, what the possibility might be of seeing him smacked in briefs if he would wear a pair for a spanking? Coloured briefs, of course!

  6. I have to add, too, that as Finn bent over the table in his underpants, it was quite interesting to see him looking close to tears. Did anyone else think he was?

  7. Finn has worn some great underwear in his videos but I must agree with the good Dr Van Spanking – Finn in briefs would be a good addition. Especially if worn under the grey short shorts. I don’t think we’ve seen Finn in briefs in any of his videos.

  8. Hot vid, thank, Finn as spankable as ever. More of these two please. (and James both in the spanking and spanked role – the latter of course caning for a senior lad like him.
    By the way, white briefs are fine with me, but colored ones are also fine, as long as they eventually goes down

  9. Sometimes reading the commentary from my fellow audience members is ALMOST as fun as watching the videos!
    This was another great production by Sting, and Finn and James pulled off a great partnership once again. Some of my favourite aspects of this film were:
    a) Finn’s position over the table – something about it seemed more vulnerable than we usually see over a desk/table.
    b) Finn’s position over James’ knee. The way he has his arm tucked under him (over the table, too actually) seems sweetly young and familiar (as in, he’s being punished by someone he knows and trusts). I also assume that he’s too tall for a “high over the knee” spanking, but if not, that would be incredible to see. Maybe Darius could pull it off if he’s taller than James and around?
    c) James’ wide-legged stance while administering the crop punishment. Very powerful and hot!
    d) The looks of fearful anticipation on Finn’s face while he’s waiting for the next lick to land or for the spanking to start/resume.
    e) The overall storyline was fun and playful. I thought (prayed) James was going to give Finn one final swat to get him out the window!
    Already can’t wait for the next Finn video!

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