The Brothers – The Movie

Part 2 of 3

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The Story Continues ….


We continue to follow the events at Innisfail Industrial School, overseen by a firm handed Religious Order, and more young male inmates and Probationary Brothers are experiencing painful interactions with the strict disciplinary code.

Many at the fearsome hands of strict Brother Marco


Young Kevin Blay (Robin Palmer) has foolishly antagonised Brother Marco with his cheekiness. The unlucky lad soon discovers that was a very foolish move.


A hard, bare bottom spanking, followed by a taste of the strap leave the necessary impression on they young rascal.





Applied just where it has the best effect.


Novice Probationer Brother Simon (Leonardo King) has not found it easy conforming with the rules of the order, and when he is caught smoking and stealing sacramental wine he is sent to Brother Marco to be taught the error of his ways.


As is his habit, Brother Marco gives the young pup a sharp lesson in behaviour, starting at the bottom, with the palm of his hand, before moving on to the stinging five tailed whip.



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Aiden Duffy (Alex Bell) has repeatedly exhibited bad behaviour, and when he is caught adding table salt to the Brothers’ tea it is clear that some bare bottom discipline is in order. Once again Brother Marco is on hand to perform that essential duty.


Duffy is ordered to bend over for a good hiding with Brother Marco’s trusty strap.



This is followed a painful and embarrassing bare bottom spanking inflicted on his bare, just belted bottom.




Tomorrow more unfortunate young Brothers will face further disciplinary spankings and thrashings, as they are taught to obey the rules of the order.



The Brothers – The Movie is 1 hour 53 minutes long and features 10 handsome lads getting their bare bottoms spanked and whacked!




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By Bruce

15 thoughts on “The Brothers – The Movie (Part 2 of 3)”
  1. This looks like a great one. Congratulations. It would be awesome if you also share the behind-the-scene photos, videos etc. Thank you.

  2. I enjoyed this video, a worthy sequel to the original “The Brothers”. I am glad that Johan Volny finally got his comeuppance. He gave a very good performance. (It would have been even better if we had more facial shots of him grimacing and squirming and groaning.) I especially enjoyed watching the hunkier models – Leonardo King, Alex Bell, Travis McKinnon, Joey White and Johan Volny – getting spanked OTK.

    I am especially fond of watching good-looking, athletic guys getting spanked OTK while wearing tight, skimpy briefs. Joey White was wearing exactly the kind of tight, skimpy briefs that I wish that all of the hunky models would wear.

    Unfortunately, while Joey White was wearing the right kind of underwear, he was spanked for only a few seconds while he was wearing it. I also noticed that Alex Bell and Johan Volny were spanked only when naked. Travis McKinnon was spanked OTK in his underwear, but he wore loose, baggy boxer shorts. This video would have been even better if Alex, Travis and Johan had been spanked OTK in the kind of tight, skimpy briefs that Joey was wearing, and if Joey had been spanked for a longer time on the seat of his briefs.

    By the way, the tight black boxer briefs that Leonard King wore during his OTK spanking were fine, but even he would have looked better in the kind of tight, skimpy briefs that Joey White was wearing.

    Still, this was a good video. Keep up the good work. I hope you take my suggestions to heart for your future videos.

  3. Tight skimpy briefs on a hunk are awesome, no doubt about it. And I think a switching or cane accross very skimpy briefs also amazing. And yes muscular butts would wear them the best! Can u imagine leonardo king in very skimpy tight wet white undies…oh YES PLEASE!!!!…actually he could be wearing a dress and hed still look sexy! Joey white does have lovely bum and legs..he is a hot boy and I like his body language. Still I pine and yearn constantly for my favourite man of all…the gorgeous sexiest hunk ever!!! Leonardo ooooo I’m completely CRAZZZZY for him!!!

  4. How I wish this was a school based video. The religeous thing does nothing for me but if it was a school one I would have purchased it in a heartbeat.

  5. I aree with Lee. I have some problems with religious theme, but I see many others fans don’t have… I would like to see a scene with Johan Volny and Robin Palmer so that this wonderful little brat can be totally humiliated in front of males (anus opened, feet dangling…)

  6. I wonder if Marco knows quite what an icon he has become in the Spanking community. There are bad lads all over the world who dream about him, both sweet dreams and nightmares.

  7. I am not a twink fan, but boyish, coltish Robin Palmer is very cute to look at and he gave a good performance. I especially like the way his long legs and bubble butt were draped over Marco’s lap while “Brother Marco” spanked him OTK. I also liked the way he lay belly-down on his cot while rubbing and spreading his sore buttock cheeks after his spanking.

  8. As I said in an earlier post, I enjoyed the performances of Alex Bell, Travis McKinnon and Joey Whyte in this video. I also enjoyed the performance of boyish, coltish Robin Palmer, even though I am normally not a twink fan..

    As good as those guys were, Leonardo King and Johan Volny should be singled out for their truly outstanding performances. Leonardo and Johan are good-looking with athletic physiques and firm, spankable butts, but the same could be said of Alex Bell, Travis Mckinnon and Joey Whyte. What makes Leonardo and Johan stand out from their colleagues is their demonstrative response to their spankings. They grunted, groaned, grimaced, squirmed, struggled and resisted very convincingly. Leonardo also looked very fetching in those tight black boxer briefs.

  9. As I said earlier, I enjoyed the performances of Alex Bell, Travis McKinnon and Joey Whyte. I also enjoyed the performance of cute, boyish, coltish Robin Palmer, even though I am normally not a twink fan.

    As good as those guys were, Leonardo King and Johan Volny were even better because their performances were even more demonstrative than those of their colleagues mentioned above. Leonardo and Johan grunted, groaned, grimaced, squirmed and resisted very convincingly throughout their spankings. Leonardo also looked quite fetching in those tight black boxer briefs he wore during his OTK scene.

  10. I enjoy the hint of humour in this, it is actually very sexy. I think male Spanking scenarios are always enhanced with a hint of comedy, or tongue in cheek humour.

    I hope Sting continue to poke a little gentle fun at the lads getting spanked.

  11. High time Johan Volney got it. He deserves a caning every day. Perhaps he and Marco should get it together.

  12. Is it possible to know the name of the actor who plays Marco? Also, is he in in any of the sting films without his shirt? I’d like to purchase those dvds or clips if he does. He’s an incredibly hot guy. Thanks. Ron

  13. At last Johan Volney gets a good otk spanking! After spanking many me with his cocky attitude , he is tamed over Rich’s knee. Very exciting. Please spank him otk again soon!!

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