Bully Brother

Getting along with an older or younger brother can have it ups and downs. This is particularly true with one pair of lads, two brothers. The older one (Karl Frazer)is having a lot of trouble with the younger one (Dominic Black) One man though who’s had quite enough of both their antics is the College Principal (Marco)

It all comes to a head one day when the Principle catches the older brother bullying his younger sibling. Both boys are ordered to report to his office. It’s time to bring these two trouble makers into line.

The Principal comes down hard on bullying so the older boy can expect to leave the Principal’s office having had his bare bottom severely scorched.


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Title 2257

By Bruce

14 thoughts on “Bully Brother (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. The thing that I really want to pick up on in this clip is the story there is so much potential to prosper in many areas with this sort of story In fact I think the older and younger brother scenario is incredibly hot. I know that Sting have dabbled with brother scenario’s before and done so very well an example being “Bad Lads” set of clips featuring Robin & Eric but having this specific older brother getting spanked in front of or in the vicinity of his younger brother is quite interesting if not very humiliating. I would love to see this in a modern domestic home setting maybe an uncle or dad spanking the older brother/nephew for bullying the younger brother (like what happend in this particular clip at college) or for not setting a good example for his younger sibling almost leading him astray etc. I think it would be very fitting to have the younger brother watch the spanking or furthermore having the younger brother just randomly walk in while big bro is getting his arse tanned. Also it would add to the excitement if the younger brother got big bro an extra spanking before bedtime which would then lead to the younger brother being spanked for lying etc. I think that Sting have come up with a very interesting story and I hope my recommendations are of interest because they certainly got my juices of thoughts flowing here with this. 😜 hehe.

    Ps. I would love to see some humiliating and erotic positions implemented into scenarios like this a perfect one which comes to mind is this… https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-vVJGeDJGYks/WqpR6a9MtAI/AAAAAAABIt4/k_t0jLrlU18SqakKPxq8fCBweTefqtghQCLcBGAs/s1600/TRU2+%2815%29.jpg in this case the younger brother holding the older brothers legs up while dad spanks away… now we’re talking!! lol Or this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0Y3rjBgIMRY/VGpxH2man_I/AAAAAAAAzO8/vKAly9KVXL4/s1600/14111151_12px_0028.jpg WOW!!

  2. Karl Frazer is just soooooo CUTE!!!! He is also adorable in that black cap and how he was dressed, the ultimate boy man. Also one of the many things about him is that for me he is the perfect height and body type. Tall but not too tall. Hunky but lean hunky not too big. Love the sight of him from behind with the long sleeve top putting emphasis on his naked bottom half. The long sturdy legs and delicious firm bum. Also again just the way he moves around and the way he reacts to his spankings is awsome. He has an understated subtle masculinity that just does it for me. Can never get enough of him!!!! Dominik Black is very small but I like his shaved head, the ear pulling and the way he jumps when he gets his hiding.

  3. The two boys in this video are supposed to be brothers, but it is unlikely that tall, athletic Karl Frazier would have a younger sibling as short and twinkish as Dominik Black. (They could be half-siblings or step-siblings, however. Or there could be a very large gap in ages – Karl could be 19 or 20, while Dominik could be 13 or 14.)
    That said, I like the idea of two brothers getting into trouble together. I would recommend a big, athletic model like Viktor Adam, Alan Pekny or Karl Frazier be cast in the role of older brother, while a shorter but still athletic guy like Max Duggan or Leonardo King would be cast as the younger brother. It would be a good idea to have the two lads watch each other getting punished. If both boys were misbehaving, the older brother punished more severely than his “little brother” because the older boy should be setting a good example for the younger one.
    Here’s another example. The “big brother” does something wrong but frames his “little brother” for the deed. The younger boy is punished for something he didn’t do. The older boy’s framing is discovered. The older brother is punished severely, harder than his younger brother, and is punished in a way that would humiliate a big, strong guy. The younger brother not only watches his older brother get punished, but also helps punish his older sibling. (For example, the older brother could be forced to strip down to his tight, skimpy briefs and lie over his younger brother’s lap. “Little bro” would then spank “big bro” with both his bare hand and with a heavy, wooden bath brush, both on the seat of his briefs and on his bare butt. The older brother would be spanked until he started crying.)

  4. Unfortunately for us the Legend LEONARDO KING has moved on and I wish him much happiness for all the happiness he provided for us. Now ALAN PEKNY is definitely a guy I would LOVE to see again. He has what Id call a BILLION DOLLAR BUTT!!!

    1. Too right! Alan Pekny is more than due another spanking. He hasn’t had the Marco treatment yet.

      I can’t wait to see that awesome butt over Marco’s lap.

      1. Of course, there is an open invitation to Leonardo if he ever changes his mind and decides to return to acting. So you never know, but I think it is unlikely.

    2. That is truly bad news. Leonardo King was one of my favorite models. Well, I wish him well in his future endeavors. Maybe Rich and Rob can persuade Leonardo to come back for a few guest appearances.

    1. Hi Corey

      Sorry for the delay in responding, Sting hope have this and various other videos which are currently unavailabe back on sale by the end of the Summer

  5. I agree with you all about the wonderful brothers story line. I loved the work of actor Leonard King too, but Karl Frazer is magnificent to me – right up there with Trevor & Joey White. I had not realized this film was no longer available. Thank goodness I snapped it up right away. Does STING normally retire it’s films? There are a few films I was debating buying but have not done so yet – how long is a film normally available?

  6. It’s been over 5 years since this video was released, so Karl Frazer and Dominic Black have probably retired by now. However, the idea of two feuding stepbrothers is still one with great potential.

    This is what I propose. A tall, handsome, muscular model (your choice) would play “big brother”. A smaller, slender, boyish model (your choice) would play “little brother”. Their Step Dad would catch “big brother” bullying “little brother”. As punishment, Dad gives “big brother” a long, hard, OTK spanking. “Little brother” is allowed to watch his “big brother” being spanked. Dad starts off spanking ‘big brother” on the seat of his briefs, then he pulls “big brother”‘s briefs down in back and spanks his bare buttocks. “Big brother” does a lot of squirming over Dad’s lap, kicking his legs, trying to reach back and prevent the spanking, groaning and whimpering and yelping in pain, etc. while he is spanked. “Little brother” watches gleefully as his “big brother” is punished.
    Dad stops spanking “big brother”. “Big brother” thinks his punishment is over, gets up off of Dad’s lap, and pulls his briefs back up. However, Dad tells his older son that his punishmnet is not yet over. He tells “big brother” that “little brother” is now going to spank HIM. “Big brother” protests that would be too humiliating for him, but Dad insists that a proper punishment should both hurt and humiliate. “Little brother” can barely conceal his glee.
    Dad makes “little brother” sit down in chair or bed, and orders “big brother” to lie over his “little brother”‘s lap. “Little brother” then proceeds to give his “big brother” a long, hard OTK spanking on the seat of his briefs. “Big Brother”, still smarting from the spanking his Dad gave him a moment ago, squirms, kicks, groans and whimpers even more intensely. Dad watches “Big Brother” being spanked for a long while, then he orders “little brother” to pull down “big brother”‘s briefs in back and spank his bare buttocks with a large, heavy bath brush or clothes brush. Upon hearing this, “Big Brother” panics, begging his Dad for mercy, but Dad will not hear of it. Dad wants his older son to learn a real lesson.
    “Little brother” pulls his older brother’s briefs down in back and proceeds to give him a long, hard OTK spanking with the brush. By this time “big brother” is in tears, squirming over his little brother’s lap, kicking his legs, bawling like a little bitch. Dad asks his older son if he has learned not to bully his little brother, and the boy replies “Yes!” between sobs. Dad then hands a tube of soothing cream to his younger son and orders him to rub the cream on his brother’s red, swollen buttocks. “Big Brother” sobs in agony as his “little brother” applies the cream.
    That would make a great video!

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