Cane Him

When a young lad arrives home (Ryan Conway) having had a tattoo that he was strictly forbidden to have he finds himself in big trouble. He knew the score before he had it done and now, as he was warned, there will be consequences!

He’s been very disobedient and his Step Uncle (Marco) this time intends to teach him a real lesson. It will start with a hard caning

Starting on the seat of his tracksuit pants


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And finally on the boy’s bare bottom!

After the caning a good spanking, the like of which this big fit lad has not had in sometime!

It’s going to be strong discipline indeed and will no doubt be more painful than to receive that the offending body illustration. The art work left by the rattan cane on that well rounded backside, alone, will be testament to that!




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Cane Him – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Cane Him!”
  1. I agree absolutely with Clive about young Ryan’s boxer-briefs! VERY spankable! He has to have selected those from his pants-drawer specially for this occasion! And the combination of those briefs with black nylon track-suit bottoms is a seriously boner-making winner!

  2. I an not normally a fan of big muscular boys but Ryan is the exception. He has a tremendous bottom for discipline and when it is bared its a real turn on.
    The download has some really great shots of his bare bottom being caned and slippered and on both counts Marco does a first class job.
    I would love to see the slipper bouncing off such a perfect target.

  3. Lovely Vid. This boy has a very spankable butt and with his cheeky attitude he should probably get the cane weekly.

    1. Hi Mark

      As I just comfirmed to another commentator Sting will read and consider any suggestions for Storylines you might want to send them, although obviously I can’t guarantee they would be able to make your suggestion into a video.  You can write to them at:


  4. Wonderful film – love the actor – love how the tight black slacks cling onto his bottom – perfect for caning – but sadly, I am a big fan of the old school tighty whities and missed seeing him in form fitting briefs. Marco is fantastic as always. I always love the extra little bits of business he does to make every performance of his unique. There is a moment where he just stands still observing the young men enduring his punishment – then poses to strike. Fantastic! Can I ask a question – why does Marco always give the guy’s backside a tap tap before he strikes? Is this to give the guy a warning? Is this something done for editing? I would rather Marco just thrash up a storm and see the surprise and shock from the young man. Also, why in almost every single production does the young man just accept their punishment? I think a bit of protest would be something new to see. Wonderful film, as always.

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