Carefree and Careless

In this new story two lads find themselves in trouble. They both have pretty bad attitudes towards life, but are soon to meet their nemesis in the form of Marco! His skill at transforming boys with a carefree or careless attitude is well renowned

Carefree! The first is Tomas (Richard Hicks) he’s in big trouble when he’s caught lazing away at home after being found a perfectly good job by Marco.

His lackadaisical approach to life is soon to be thwarted and it’ll start with a session of bare bottom discipline, well over due! A good spanking and a belting whilst kneeing on the couch will make a perfect starter.



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By Bruce

One thought on “Carefree and Careless (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Carefree and Careless. Well of late I have made this comment a lot – A fantastic production. Two excellent models but our Robin was superb.

    I liked in particular the strap being applied to his jean clad bottom and then over briefs and bare.
    The discipline over jeans took me back to my early teaching days some 50 years ago when some of the boys from poorer backgrounds used to dress like this for school and, my slipper used to spank them over their jeans which when stretched tight over boys bottoms used to present targets like Robins in this film.

    We also have some excellent shots of Robins bare bottom both strapped and spanked.

    Thanks to all especially Robin.


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