Sting’s latest download is Roundabout Bedtime starring Karl Frazer 

and introducing three new Sting Lads


Usually when its lights out at any well disciplined college the seniors should be heading straight to sleep. Not so for the past few nights in Stratford House dormitory. The boys have been pushing their luck and both their Housemaster and Headmaster have has enough. Firm action will have to be taken!


Four sixth formers Bailey (Karl Frazer) Smith (New StingLad Phil Stone) Robinson (New Stinglad Billy Gray) and Graham (New StingLad Tony Masters) are all in big trouble and quickly dispatched to the common room. An example has to be made.


Two at a time the lads are given a good over the knee bare bottom spanking while their mates look on.


















As a finale and constant painful reminder to behave in future they are all ordered to bend over the gym horse.


The Headmaster and Housemaster are going deal with this misbehaviour once and for all. The Housemaster wields his trusty thick brown leather strap, while keeping with tradition the Headmaster has his whippy and well oiled rattan cane. 




The boys freshly spanked bare bottoms are now to be scorched by both belt and cane one after another round the pommel horse. Afterwards with their backsides
red raw and stinging it really will be time for bed, if any sleep now is to be had that is!






By Bruce

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