Cop It!

Starring Travis McKinnon, Oscar Hart, Johan Volny and Marco

Chico (Oscar Hart) thinks he’s a lil gangster but he isn’t so tough and what’s more he’s lucky he lives in the same precinct as Detective Hogan. He believes in old fashioned discipline and giving some of the younger juveniles a second chance. They don’t get of lightly though and a good whuppin is often the order of the day!

He might be an insolent pup but when Chico is handed over to Officer Novak (Johan Volny) to be punished he starts to change his tune.


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It’s not clear whether it was the butt burning spanking over the knee of this fit junior officer or the scorching impact of the old wooden paddle but this young punk was starting to think again! Feeling the stinging impact of the paddle on his well spanked bare bottom was about all young Chico could take! Lucky for him his friends from the Hood can’t see this!


In Part 2 a second arrogant young hooligan gets what he deserves!




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