More images from Sting’s latest release The Governor’s Choice (Part 2)
The second inmate 2498 Carrington (new StingLad Eddie Barlow) has managed to rack up a very bad monthly report with ‘insolent behaviour’ standing out amongst other offences. He is also a youngster and as with Crawley opts for corporal punishment. 


The Governor is certainly no fan of insolent and cocky young inmates. This unfortunate condition of youth can be easily beaten out with right approach. 


Carrington is a repeat offender so the stinging bare bottom spanking is merely the prelude….
to a good strapping and a burning dose of the birch rod.


For these off the record punishment sessions the old Edwardian flogging stand has been retrieved from the prison cellar and is now back in good use for The Governors Choice!


By Bruce

4 thoughts on “The Governor’s Choice (Part 2) # 2”
  1. Very good.

    A fine debut for both Adam Ashton & Eddie Barlow. Two good-looking, physically fit young men who look good in their underwear, and give convincing performances of taking hard spankings which both hurt and humiliated them. The “wifebeater” tanktop undershirt worn by Eddie and the tight, skimpy briefs worn by both Adam & Eddie were a nice touch.

    I noticed that the Governor spanked both lads on the seats of their briefs for roughly 30 seconds each, and then pulled their underpants down to administer a bare-bottom spanking to both of them for roughly 90 seconds each. If the spanking sessions on their briefs could have been extended to 90 seconds each, this video would have been truly excellent at minimal incremental cost.

    Still, a very good video. Keep up the good work.

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