In The Frame

When Peter (James Holt) visits Marco he finds that he’s not at home. He decides to wait but curiosity sets in and he takes an uninvited look around Marco’s room. This of course is not what guests are expected to do and he is caught in the act. Ordered to wait back in the kitchen for Marco’s arrival he has a good idea of what fate now may bring. This is Marco after all!

Marco discovering that Peter, in his absence, has been riffling through his stuff takes the matter in hand. Peter needs to learn a lesson and no better way to teach a hunky young gentleman manners than a good caning. Ordered to stand in the door frame Peter waits and its not long before the sound of a swishy stinging rattan doing its job can be heard.




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Followed by a good spanking on Peter’s firm raised and pre-caned rounded bare bottom, it should be all that needed to curb his curiosity in future.





By Bruce

6 thoughts on “In The Frame”
  1. A gem of a film! As soon as I saw it starred James Holt I bought it right away. Great shots of his jeans, wished he was in old fashion white briefs though. A question please – why, in so many of the films, do the bad boys so quickly and quietly accept their punishment? James is a wonderfully BIG BOY – why no fight back? Any chance a future film that will show a real through rapid fire thrashing with the cane? (I can always hope). This film is a wonderful addition to my collection. Please thank the cast and crew.

    1. Hi Kass I am glad you enjoyed the video, I have noted your comment about the bad boys resisting their spanking, and will make Sting aware of what you suggest

      I have also let them know of your request for a rapid fire caning, however, that is something would need top approached carefully, a cane is very different to the palm of a hand or a slipper, both of which sting a lot but can not do the damage a cane can if it if is not handled skillfully by an expert like Rich, Marco or Rob. Sting’s aim is to give the naughty boys very sore bottoms without causing an injury.

  2. I agree with Kass’s positive commentary above. I have been a fan of James Holt ever since I first laid eyes on him in a wet speedo, and how delighted I’ve been to see him blossom into such a versatile performer and essential player in Sting’s current (very talented) line-up. Kass’s point about “fighting back” led me to thinking about freedom of expression. I am curious to know if Sting has ever considered (or would consider) letting the boys speak in Czech, Polish, or whatever their idiomatic language may be. It may offer more spontaneity in the acting of these contemporary scenes in which the top/bottom roles are a bit more obscured or, by modern standards, culturally anachronistic. I realize that English may be the lingua franca among your current roster of boys (and Sting’s audience), and that offering such an option may require too much legwork in terms of subtitling. Still, it’s worth further discussion.

    1. Hi HRH

      I will pass your suggestion on to Sting, what you suggest was actually tried quite successfully in the CFNM movie “Don’t Cross Claudia” with Robin Palmer and Dagmar Ostra. That was done to enable the extraordinary Ms Ostra to really let rip with her lecturing of the unfortunate Robin, as she spanked him. I personally thought it worked very well, and a lot of the feedback was good.

      However, the problem is that 99% of Sting’s customers are English speakers, and with the best will in the world sub titles are never popular with the majority of people.

      However, it might be worth trying in a MM video, if only to see if Marco is even more scary in Czech!!

      1. Bruce, I really appreciate your response and I think it would be a trial and error that cannot be determined by one or even two films. I highly recommend using a contemporary situation like this one. I believe it would help add an edge to the dialogue and thereby making the situation and relationships more believable — and perhaps even incorporate a bit of humor.

  3. Sting videos are almost always great, videos with James Holt are always great. I agree with hisroyalheinie, let them speak Czech, you can at least try!

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