Fresh from the Police Court two new lads arrive at the Juvenile House Of Correction. Both have been sentenced to corporal punishment alongside their custody sentence.


Arther James Bennett (Brad) was the first to appear that day and had been ordered to receive the switch. Prior to this though his continued insolence had earned him a good hard over the knee spanking, very humiliating for a strapping lad of his age.









He should have minded his manners as now, bent over the punishment frame, the wicked and painful willow switch was about to descend on his already hot, red freshly spanked bare bottom. The pliable switch lashes home biting hard in to Arther’s throbbing backside. Each swish cutting a scorching stripe of fire across the lads rounded bare arse cheeks.





The other new inmate to the House Of Correction is Neville Paul Colville (Johnny Hayward). After sentence he too had displayed a fair amount of insolence, enough to earn him a good spanking to start with.



He should have been grateful really as his sentence was lashes with the boy’s cat, also known as the boy’s pussy in the old navy. This formidable instrument has six tails of leather instead of nine. Nevertheless it can sting and burn a lad’s bare bottom like no other instrument. Even as a more senior lad getting a good spanking before receiving it can only help to endure its scorching bite!




Neville is order to lay face down on the punishment bench his arms through the holes specially cut for the purpose. The warder takes up the cat and the exemplary flogging begins. The lad’s defenceless bare backside raised high on the bench feels the first burning lash from the oil soaked leather thongs. The first of two and a half dozen!




NOTE: The pine punishment bench was specially commissioned by Sting Pictures props dept. and is a copy taken from several featured in British museums. The six tailed cat is an original antique privately purchased and we are assured it was very much used in the past for the purpose for which it was made.



By Bruce

18 thoughts on “The Punishment Room Part 2 (with Preview trailer)”
    1. There are quite a few in the trailer and pictures. Also both Brad and Johnny have appeared in other stuff that can be found in this blog. I will see what I can look out though.

  1. The first half of this video, starring Brad, probably won’t interest me. However, the second half, starring Johnny Haywood, has possibilities. If Johnny reacts demonstratively to his flogging, I will probably buy this video. Unfortunately, this preview doesn’t show much of Johnny’s ordeal on the punishment bench.

    Bruce, would it be possible for the guys at Sting to post a different preview trailer, one that shows a little bit more footage of Johnny’s reaction to his flogging on the punishment bench?

    1. What wrong with Brad? I wonder if STING would do an otk compilation as well as I buy there clips only for the otk as the other scenes don’t interest me so sometimes only part of the clip I watch.

    2. Yeh tell them to make a whole new trailer just for Rasputin. I’m sure it will only waste a few hours of their time.

    3. Hi Rasputin, Trailers are always a problem and have to be carefully cut. We like to add as much as we can to show what’s going on but too much can invalidate the actual story or content. Regretfully we don’t have the time to custom cut individual trailers

  2. I think this one looks good I’ll get this later I like the crouch shots as well. I would have preferred Dexter to spank Brad and Christian no offence to Rich. But yeah I just like Dexter as a top – Luke

    1. Not too worry Rich just told me he would prefer to watch Dexter spanking Brad. Lol. One problem is that its either not in budget or the two models can’t work together at that particular time. Dexter will be back again soon however.

  3. I bought this and its one of the best clips I’ve purchased from sting this year amazing I only bought it for the OTK parts as that’s what i’m into. I wasn’t keen on Marco as I have never seen a clip with him being the spanker but he is really good like he spanks hard that’s what I like and how the hell does Johnny not moan Marco did some rapid fire OTK where he smacked really hard I even said ouch.. for him. Great clip Sting I really enjoyed this one good crouch shots too which is what I like good job rich has a good aim. I recommend this clip. – Luke

    …Rasputin there is not a lot of groaning…

    1. Thanks, Luke. I was hoping Johnny would have given a performance along the lines of his performance in “Imperfect Prefects”. However, based on what you have said, his acting is probably too stoic for me. I’ll pass on this one.

  4. Thanks Luke, Marco has grown up a lot now but we agree he is turning in to a non nonsense top. His on screen skill as a giver are getting better and better.. Johnny Hayward is very much like our original model Paul in that he can take discipline in whatever form really hard. Being somewhat of a regular lad he doesn’t like to be seen to not be able to deal with the incoming punishment and takes pride in taking it in a manly way. That’s just Johnny others are different of course.

    1. Well he sure is brave I never been spanked but that has to hurt looking at him he doesn’t come across as a tough guy I thought he would moan I’d be getting up after 6 slaps can’t deal with pain. Lol

  5. It is interesting, Jonathan, that you compare Johnny to Paul. When I first saw him in what I believe was episode 12 of the Headmaster’s Study series, I remember thinking he was a handsome and intriguingly sensitive creature with a kind of pure inner boyishness. My imagination swam back over the English Channel to some of the memorable Sting lads of yore. Comparisons and reminiscences (which are of course pointless) began to percolate in my brain. Needless to say, I believe Johnny has what many of us fans are looking for: the whole package, by which I mean a robustness, a handsome face and figure, masculine sensibility (a la Paul and Brett) and, naturally, a lad who can take a very good punishment. Although he doesn’t quite have the personality of, say, a Matt Mills, a Tigger, or a David, Johnny is certainly more engaged physically and vocally — what is the word Rasputin uses? “Demonstrative?” — than a Darren or Rudi. What I’m trying to say (badly) is that Johnny has a quality of “something more.” He is a unique and absolutely thrilling addition to your already superb list of Sting lads. Keep up the good work in 2014, gentlemen.

  6. To be honest, I really like the “top” in the second video. Nice to see some variety for those of us that are attracted that way. Dexter would have been great, also. I hope to see more of the punishment bench now that it is in use…great prop. And love the sound of the boy’s cat scorching Mr. Haywoods backside. Very dramatic and intense production, based on the preview. Thank you for this one.

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