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Sting Rugby Club 3


When cute young rugby player Johnny is caught Stealing …


He gets what he deserves, which just happens to be what the handsome Team Captain always wanted to give him!!

















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Title 2257




By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Video Preview for Sting Rugby Club 3”
  1. In terms of the combination of the two very handsome actors, and the scenario this is a very hot video. I also liked the way Joel seemed to really relish Spanking Johnny (Don) and who wouldn’t Don has a great body and a magnificent butt (bottom)

    I hope there is a sequel to this where Don gets caught stealing again, and this time he gets the paddle. Then the coach arrives and spanks them both.

    Either that, or maybe Don gets spanked in front of the rugby team.

    Just some suggestions

  2. I am sure that there would be a reason to cane the team captain. Do it!
    And hopefully we sse bothe of them spanked/spanking again

  3. The team captain is beautiful and bossy . He should carry the switch around constantly both in the change room and on the field dishing out quick bare butt
    Whippings for the slightest misdemeanours. Oh yeah he iss sooo sexy!!!

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