Caught Out!

With wayward lads most things eventually get found out especially when you are trying to conceal what’s going on. None more so than with Johnny (new StingLad Alex Kramar) He didn’t do a very good job of covering his tracks and was soon caught out by Marco, really not the best person to deceive at the best of times.

Now it was time to bite the bullet and take what was coming.


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When Johnny’s arrived home he could see there was going to be no excuse for his behavior. He knew what was coming. He’d never taken a spanking before but now the time had finally come and he richly deserved it.

Going over the knee for a big lad like him was going to humiliating, baring his bottom even more so.

However, the strapping to come after he was more fearful of and knew, after the spanking, it would sting like hell!




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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Caught Out!”
  1. I concur a good new recruit.
    His bottom looked to be very sore even after the hand spanking. The strapping seemed to put Alex under considerable duress but he did show great fortitude. Found myself feeling sorry for him!!!

  2. Well, well! Another sterling young stallion for the Sting stable! (How’s that for alliteration?!)

    Alex is just perfect! Beautifully youthful and boyish with a whippably slender physique and a face that is just so cheeky, I want to slap it hard! Amazing brat material!

    And that’s before we start talking about his bottom! What a bum to smack, eh??!! Fantastically well-rounded, pert and cheeky as a youth’s buttocks ought to be! And he dresses naturally just right for discipline – hoody, T-shirt, skinny black jeans and black boxer-briefs that are a great length for punishment and one of my favourite colours for spankingwear! Whenever we get a new boy joining Richard’s spanky little family, it always worries me that he might be going to bring white boner-killers into the hallowed realms of Sting, so it is always a relief and a joy to find, when his trousers come down, that he wears coloured underpants!

    It is good that when Alex is making his disciplinary debut with Sting, he is thrown in at the deep end and laid over the knee, that most humiliating of positions for any wayward youth to be bent over in for punishment!

    I share Michael Brown’s interest in noting how Alex’s bottom colours up under a spanking – before the strap is laid on, the boy’s bum is already beginning to resemble a raspberry ripple – presumably the only way you’d ever be able to produce a hot raspberry ripple, haha! And as he is sent to do his corner-time I’ve got to say, looking at that deeply reddened backside, I would not want to be trying to pull those well-fitting black underpants back over that! I guess there’s going to be one errant young stripling sleeping on his tummy for at least one night – and no doubt feeling very sorry for himself!

    I do hope we see more of Alex and that he returns regularly – a bottom like that belongs to the world!

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