As announced at JockSpank yesterday, we have been advised that Blogger will change the terms of service at thew end of this month, and will remove any adult blogs which it considers to be “advertising” content. Feel The Sting’s position in this respect is explained in the new notice at the top of this blog. This is not an advertising blog, and the owners do not make any money from it. However, when we post images or video clips from commercial studios, we have always included a link to the studio. This has been done for the convenience of our visitors and most importantly so as to respect the intellectual property of those who created the items which we post.
Failure to acknowledge the copyright owners would be a breach of that copyright, a form of piracy and, in effect, theft. Therefore, wherever a studio is still in existence we have provided a link to that studio, not because we have been asked to, but because we believe it is the right thing to do. We have kept to this principle ever since JockSpank was first launched in June 2008 and we have done the same with Feel The Sting since it was launched last year.
Unfortunately, this could put this blog at risk.
In case the worst does happen we have set up a temporary JockSpank google group where we will issue announcements as to any new blog location should we decide to continue if this blog is removed by Google.
You can join the Google group by going to the following link:
please make a note of that link so that you can find us, should this blog suddenly disappear.
Other places where we will publish information if this happens are:
Sore Bottomed Guys: 
Feel the Sting 2
Feel the Sting on Twitter: 
Please keep a note of these locations as well
Despite the above, we hope that Blogger will acknowledge that this is not an advertising site and that we have not made money from it, and allow us to continue.

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Change to Blogger’s terms of Service”
  1. I am not a member of google groups, and have no intention of joining – so I sincerely hope nothing happens to this site…its just so typical

    1. There is no need to join the Google Group if you do not wish to, we just created it as a means of spreading information. We will also make announcements via twitter and the other links quote above

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