Clean Up Your Act

As a lad when you are left at home to do some simple jobs but just sit around watching TV and playing computer games its bound to cause some friction. Unfortunately for one youngster he thought that’s what staying out was all about.

The lads mate (Johann Volny) is usually a quite cool and laid back guy but he’s not going to take any nonsense from his 18 year old nephew James (new StingLad Lucas Taylor) He knows how lazy the boy can be, so the best thing to teach him a lesson is to make it not so easy to sit around. This boy needs putting over his knee for a good spanking which he rightly deserves!


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Then whatever else is handy in the kitchen, to be brought down firmly on his up turned bare bottom.

If he can’t use the kitchen implements at least he can feel them and they sting like hell!






Now about that washing up!

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Clean Up Your Act”
  1. A wonderful short film – the actors are great. Lucas Taylor is wonderful! Perfect! Let us hope he stars in many more of your films, PLEASE! Johann is as fiercely handsome and passionate as ever. I must admit I hate when the films go straight from the seat of the pants to the bare bottom. A man, of any age, being disciplined in their underpants (especially briefs – classic white or colorful) is very enjoyable and too many films skip the underpants entirely – like this one. Very disappointing that. May I please ask a stupid question – why the prop of the hard whiskey alcohol? I would have thought the uncle/father character would have given the boy a severe paddling because of his disgusting and offensive TShirt and maybe because he had sneaked a beer or something – that would be far more believable. The TShirt itself was quite offensive – once I saw it I thought that would be the justifiable cause of his aggressive punishment. In fact; based on the offensive TShirt alone I don’t think Lucas was spanked nearly hard enough. I love the little details – such as Johann opening the draw for the wooden spoon. Wish the set allowed room enough for a full view of the boy wiggling over the knee. As always, please allow me to say how grateful I am for your actors and directors work. I love your films – but please don’t pass over the underpants, and if the actors decide to wear such vulgar clothes (like that TShirt) punish them according. By which I mean wallop them until they are raw, and maybe even wash their mouths out with soap! Thanks for the film!

  2. I must agree this is another wonderful production. Set as a modern scene and starts with some delightful shots of young Lucas being spanked over tight fitting blue jeans which display his bottom features to perfection. Lucas is another very good looking boy and fits well the scene of modern youth, All his features are superb especially his bottom. More please.
    Just a diversion to say how nice it would be if Sting had young men like Lucas in a present day scene with CP was once again permitted. Spanking, slipper and cane in full swing.

  3. I agree with Kass about not being spanked in underwear which adds another dimension. A pity as Lucas is ideal for the role of naughty boy being punished. I hope we see more of him in future productions, he would be ideal to represent a schoolboy in uniform.

  4. Lukas’s youthful good looks and phenomenally pert, beautifully hairless bottom make him absolutely perfect for Sting and like a lot of boys just looks amazing bending over in jeans! It was a great introduction to him to see him laid over the knee to be spanked and I am bright green with envy of Johan being able to discipline the lad with his usual thoroughness and severity! Great to see Johadibly spankable in his underpanrn again, by the way! He’s been away too long!

    I have to agree with Kass and Swanlad, whose preferences I share, that there was a bit of a missed opportunity here. I am certain that a boy who looks as smackable in his jeans as Lukas will look incredibly punishable in his underpants and I just wished this stage had not been missed out – it isn’t usually, which is one of the reasons I enjoy Sting’s films. I love the anticipation – wondering what colour underpants a boy is wearing and whether he’ll have boxers or briefs on, and then the thrill of finding out! Please could this be borne in mind for Lukas’s next appearance (which I’m hoping will not be too long!)? And if it’s a modern-day scenario, can he wear coloured underpants? I understand the wearing of white briefs in the 50s / 60s schoolboy scenarios, but in a modern-day one, there is scope for something a bit more sexy and colourful.

    All that aside, though, a great first appearance by a convincing young actor, who makes an authentically cheeky and naughty brat! And of course a fantastically cheeky little bottom that colours up nicely under Johan’s tender ministrations. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of him!

  5. I just felt obligated to add this comment after reading comments here there and everywhere.

    Luke’s definition of a “phenomenally pert bottom”
    A real pert bottom looks like one that protrudes and has a full round shape think Darren, Rudi, Adam Black and the new guy Hicks.

    This people is what I see as an amazing bottom quite simple really 😁🍑

    Ps. For the record I wouldn’t consider Lucas to posses the above however “Each To Their Own” as they say.

  6. I did finally get around to watching this and I really enjoy these modern themed clips although Lucas isn’t my type I did enjoy certain aspects of this clip especially Johan I loved when Johan stopped Lucas from pulling his trousers down and Johan told him to move his hands and then Johan took them down for him I really enjoyed that part Johan asserting his manly hood and embarrassing Lucas so hot and humiliating also Johan doesn’t hold back even with new models he means business. I think Johan could have easily spanked Lucas for that t-shirt “did you go out wearing that son?” …Now drinking alcohol!! I think the t-shirt was more than enough reason to spank him!!

    I hope Johan sticks around and we see more of these modern themes there great!! I love a handsome spanker especially playing the dad role and Johan is ace at this.

  7. Was going through my older Sting films and stumbled onto this film – can not express how enjoyable it is – pity Lucas made so few films with you. If anyone missed this they should consider getting it. Quite fun.

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