Clear Signal

When Jimmy (Andy Easton) is given a new job as the gym cleaner he is expected to carry out his work on time and efficiently.

Unfortunately his mind is on other things and taking lots of breaks is one of them!

His boss, the club steward Marco, is in no mood to entertain such laziness and decides to teach his new worker a lesson in job responsibility. His is an old school approach and young Jimmy is soon feeling the flat of his bosses firm hand on his upturned backside.



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Its not long of course till its his bare backside and the spanking becomes a scorcher, Jimmy’s expectationally well rounded and raised bottom is just perfect for this particular punishment!






Not satisfied that the boy has learned his lesson quite yet Marco orders him to bend over one of the pieces of gym equipment. Now a solid leather strap is brought to bear and Jimmy’s well raised bare bottom takes the full force.







Marco’s persuasive lesson is having an effect! So now its back to work boy and mind your manners.


By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Clear Signal”
  1. Clear Signal. What a tremendous production. 10 out of 10.
    Andy Easton in my opinion is at the moment the best out of a brilliant bunch of Sting models. He has a near perfect body, his bottom is well curved and smooth with just the right amount of fluffy hair on his thighs.
    He takes his discipline well and his facial expressions are a joy to watch.
    Please Sting let us see him as a modern day school boy were CP has been introduced with the likes of Robin, Richard and Axel etc. What a delight that would be.

  2. If I mistake me not, young Andy is the same boy who has starred as Reuben in recent BBFC movies. He is a nice-looking lad, with a beautifully proportioned physique that just seems to shriek aloud to the gods of Spankers’ Heaven “Lay me over your knee and spank me!” Which is, of course, precisely what Marco proceeds to do, disciplining Andy with all his customary severity, energy and deadly accuracy as his hand smacks down on the most sensitive points of the naughty boy’s bottom!

    And WHAT a bottom he has to smack! So beautifully rounded, a shade more prominent than the bottoms of many lads his age, and when he is laying across Marco’s knee with trousers and boxer-briefs off, how deliciously smooth, hairless and bare, topping off an acutely smackable pair of legs! If I’d been Marcus, I really would not have known where to stop this well-deserved punishment!

    Most lads look fabulously spankable bent over in a pair of lue jeans and Andy is just something else! Since the title pic at the top of this post shows what colour underpants the lad is wearing, the sight of him laid over the knee is an even bigger boner-maker. I love the way that Marco nearly always begins a punishment by laying the naughty lad over his knee and in this case I’ve got to say that it is the only position tthat can do true justice to the smackableness of Andy’s unbelievably cheeky little bottom! Just how cheeky we can see when Reuben has to take his trousers down to reveal a pair of coloured boxer-briefs that are just exactly the right length for punishment – good and short the way boxers that are being worn as punishment underpants ought to be. From what I’ve seen of Andy elsewhere, I’m just so pleased to see that he seems to be frimly a member of the coloured underpants brigade – so far I’ve not seen him in any white boner-killers! Long may that continue. These particular briefs ar a great colour. I’m not keen on vertical stripes on a youth’s briefs, as I think they can visually distort the shape of his bottom, making it look less spankable, but horizontal stripes are a different thing altogether which really bring out the roundness of a boy’s bottom – as Andy’s definitely do. Marcus usually tighten’s a boy’s underpants before he smacks him, a very good thing to do – like laying a boy over your knee, it says to him “You’re totally in my control, young man! I’m tightening your pants BECAUSE I CAN! In my experience, lads find having their underpants tightened befoe smacking thoroughly embarrassing and demeaning, as they jolly well should, my goodness! But don’t forget, too, that for boys who are inclined that way – and plenty of them do get harrd during a spanking – tightening their pants, especially if they’re wearing briefs, can provide them with a whole range of sensations they wouldn’t experience otherwise, which can enhance the thrill of a smacked bottom no end!

    As Andy finally bends over bare-bottomed for the belt he is just curved over in the most perfect posture to show off truly the perfect roundness of a bum that was surely moulded and lovingly crafted by the gods of Spankers’ Heaven to be put to the purpose to which Marco is so vigorously putting it! If a picture paints a thousand words, then Andy’s punishment is the ultimate answer to one of the big questions over which scientists have argued for at least a couple of hundred years as to whether or not Nature shows evidence of design. To those on the ‘No’ side of the argument, I simply have my own question: If there is no design in Nature, how do you explain boys’ bottoms??!!

  3. I meant, incidentally, to add my voice to Michael Brown’s call to see Andy in a schoolboy scenario – he’d just be the cat’s ass in a school uniform! And I could just imagine a scenario in which he got up to serious naughtiness with all those other delectable young spankables – Robin, Richard and Axel. Delicious!!!

    Only one plea I’d make if Sting did get around to such a scenario – please do what has been done recently in Sting school stories and let the boys keep their own coloured underpants on. It adds interest and variety and for some of us, yes – excitement, none of which I think happens when boys are all wearing the same uniform white briefs,

    Please consider it – Andy would make an awesome naughty schoolboy!

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