Clouded Judgement

The best place for a quick smoke is the bathroom. Paul (JD Black) has been using it for sometime now, opening the window to get rid of the smell but today he’s going to get caught out.

Forgetting the essential ventilation the scent of weed is soon picked up in the kitchen by Johan (Johann Volny) Paul has been warned before, now some real disciplinary action must be taken.

Arriving at the bathroom door to catch the guilty lad Johann wastes no time in announcing that he will now be getting his comeuppance! He starts by wetting down the lads tight underwear to give him a spanking he will definitely feel.


The the lads bottom is then bared and the stinging spanking continues. Time to add more water!


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To round off the wet whacking Paul is sent to get the punishment strap. This little scorcher brought firmly down of Paul damp round rear end certainly has the desired effect. The only thing that’s smoking now is Paul’s red, sore, bare bottom!








JD Black plays Paul


By Bruce

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