Colonial College 8

Colonial College 8

Being sent to the PE Master (Coach) to be disciplined is never an experience to look forward too, well unless possibly you are the Master concerned (Ryan Conway)

This was the case for two senior lads (Curtis Cameron and New StingLad Toby Kirk) Ushered in to his study they are soon ordered to place their hands on the bench while he reaches for his well-used leather strap.


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Now a good stinging leather trapping begins, right down to the lads bare bottoms. It certainly doesn’t end there though, not until both these cocky boys have been over the Masters knee where a good spanking each now ensues.

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9 comments on “Colonial College 8

  1. Cameron and Ryan excellent as usual – the new boy Toby Kirk is superb. Much more of him please.

  2. Wow !! What a great week it has been for us twink fans. First we had fantastic Finn in those tight shorts and now cute Curtis in shorts to follow plus a very promising newcomer in Toby Kirk. These two make a delightful duo, similar height and build, if only we could see Curtis in those short shorts in a future production, that would be the cream on the cake. Well done to Sting though for giving us these two great productions.

  3. Very hot production, thanks. Ryan really give a proper strapping and seems to love it. And two very deserving lads. Perhaps next time the coach should use the cane on them. But of course, coach Ryan should also get again soon.

  4. Ryan is certainly a good spanker in the making.

    I like the fact that he is fairly manly and often showing a bit of an excitement. Does need to work on his authoritative tone but his hands do a nice job. Perhaps a bit more of an all round red ass needed on those boys. Also, I think the head needs to give Ryan some development over his knee so he remembers what it really feels like.

  5. Toby Kirk is a great find – a very good-looking lad. I certainly hope we’ll see more of him.

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