Colonial College is set in the typical environment of a British styled public school, but of course in a far flung corner of the former Empire, Branderburg College follows an age old tradition of disciplined education.
The Head boy is Giles Brocker (Luke Radley) whose iron grip on the students he represents is starting to wane.



Brocker finds one lad Johnny Martens (Jimmy Evans) helping himself to some of his cash. Furious with this senior lad Brocker administers a spanking of his own. Martens shapely bare bottom cheeks, glowing red, are now more than familiar with the stinging swipe of the muscular Head boy’s right arm.
As Brocker pulls down Jimmy Martens pants to expose the lad’s bare bottom, he little knows that his own bare bottom will be in a similaly exposed before he is very much older.




In the student’s common room two lads Geddes (Damien Drake) and Ackerman (new Stinglad Justin Conway) are very much engaged in looking at porn magazines. Unfortunately it’s the Heads rounds and they are caught red-handed. Sent to Mr Van Der Horst (Eddie Savion) they are soon over his knee being taught a lesson in morality. 





He follows this with both boys over the Gym horse receiving his well-worn black leather belt searing their defenceless bare bottoms!.





In other areas the Headmaster is not to happy with the way Giles is managing the student body! On one of his rounds he decides to mentor his leading boy mainly through his bare bottom with the flat of his palm, this in the hope of applying some sense via Brokers firm muscular backside.


A visit to his study is arranged for the next day where a hot and hard stinging caning is laid on with a well-oiled rattan. For Giles Brocker as head boy he must take it if only to establish his position in the College.



Nobody is tougher than him until of course that cruel rattan whips painfully in to his well-rounded bare bottom, then he, like many others, howls and howls until the final burning stripe is laid on.
Before bedtime in the dorm Giles Brocker will as usual just strip off casually but making sure the others get a quick glimpse of his burning stripes. I am the Head Boy and I can take is written skilfully over his backside. Luckily none of the boys were there to see his ‘taking it’ performance not exactly that of a tough lad after all!





By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Colonial College”
  1. This video includes one of the hottest canings I have seen in a very long while

    It was even better because Luke did not take it stoically like so many Czech boys do

  2. Newcomer Jimmy Evans did a fine job acting job, but he is just slightly too skinny for my taste. If he develops his thigh, buttock, chest, shoulders & forearms just a little bit more, he will make a fine model.

    Handsome, athletic, impish Damien Drake was in fine form – a very reliable model. Newcomer Justin Conway comported himself very well also. He shows fine promise for future videos.

    However, Luke Radley had the most demanding role in this video, and he gave a bravura performance. Give him a good pat on the shoulder for his performance – but not on his butt, it’s probably still sore from the caning.

    All in all, a very good video.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Thanks for your comment, I thought you would enjoy Luke Radley’s performance. In fact, it wasn’t really a performance, the poor lad has a very low pain tolerance threshold, so his reactions were all real.

      As he only took that caning last week I doubt he can sit down easily just yet

      I also agree about Jimmy Evans, if he bulks out a little he will be a very nice looking guy.

      Damien is always good value, and as you say Justin Conway does show promise, hopefully all four will be back for more quite soon.

      Incidentally Rudi Valance missed a shoot this week due to late night partying, so he will also be in line for a very sound spanking in the near future.


  3. I disagree with Rasputin re: Jimmy Evans. To my eyes he is deliciously small of frame, and Sting seems to have plenty in the “juicy” department as of late.

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