Here are some advanced images from forthcoming Sting Releases

The Birching Table Part 2




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The Demon Prefect



Bad Lads 5





The College Mini Movie Project





By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Coming Soon From Sting”
  1. Can’t wait, some of these look right hot. I am loving Robin as the naughty painter, and great to see marco painting his butt HeHe. Also looking forward to the College series and the Deamon Prefect.

  2. Has that young rascal Robin grown a goatee beard?!! Trying to look all grown up is he?

    That naughty boy certainly needs his bare bottom spanked until he can’t sit down!

    1. Hi Robin’s Dad

      You will be pleased to hear that Robin did indeed get a very hard and very long spanking, and not just because of his little goatee whiskers!! LOL!

  3. As a massive fan of young Robin’s, I cannot wait to see these!!! Especially Bad Lads 5! My heart leaps at the thought of seeing him laid over the knee once again – I think I was getting withdrawal symptoms!

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking, yes our favourite brat Robin is back in two the forthcoming new releases, and getting soundly spanked in both of the. As he should be!

  4. Regarding the Birching table…I recognise Adam Black and his very spankable butt , however I’d love to know who the other guy is….love the tanline half way down his sexy thighs. The others look interesting too. I think Luke is developing a strong pechant for being a spanker and that’s super but hopefully he will show off more of his sexy body in the process. The blazer is a hiding his delightful sillouette.

    1. Hi Jonathan

      The first guy in The Birching table 2 is in fact James Holt, who has worked with Sting in the past. He looks different as he has been doing a lot of working out in the gym.

      I am sure we will be seeing more of Luke Adams body again very soon

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