Soon to be released in a series of solo performances staring some of Sting’s hottest stars Travis McKinnon is a very sore soldier


 Sting Pictures

  Title 2257

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Travis is in the Army”
  1. Travis is a real find, I really enjoy seeing a tough masculine guy getting humiliated and spanked. He should also get the slipper in a domestic scene. How embarrassing would that be for a big boy. HAHA

    The army scene looks to be good too

    1. Me too he looks like a tough lad like he wouldn’t take no shit but to have dad beat him this is what makes me like spanking seeing a guy have to do as his told. Kinky that’s what I’m about… 😛

  2. Hi Dryden, Travis has been shooting for a new Sixth Formers extended film. These take a while to make but I will have a word with the PT Master who’s a dab hand with his slipper!

  3. Can’t we see Dexter back as a top. I mainly buy clips with him in as the top As of late he isn’t in any. 🙁

  4. Looks great. Love those sexy little shorts, hope he doesn’t take them off too soon. I find a spanking over tight shorts much sexier than on bare – probably in the minority, though!

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