Counting the Days

Another student (Gary Barclay) believing he can get away with flouting college rules. He chooses the cleaners cupboard for a perfect hide away and quick smoke so he can skip class.

Unfortunately he hadn’t reckoned on the radar like efficiency of Mr Sharpe who soon tacks him down and orders him to report to his office.

There is only one way to punish a repeat offender like this and that a good spanking. After which a dose of the old wooden paddle, bare bottom, should leave a lasting impression on this lad!


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By Bruce

One thought on “Counting The Days”
  1. I thought this film was FANTASTIC! George Barclay has a wonderful new look – total wiseass class clown type (and cute to boot). As an American I have a fondness for the wooden paddle – especially when it has those holes drilled into it. Brings back memories. I adore Marco and all the little original subtle details he brings to the films. There was one – can’t remember the title – when he actually sat his eye glasses down on the back of the bad boy over his knee and sighed. Just perfect. Can I ask a stupid question though please – when this scalawag is comes into Marco’s office wearing that cap why didn’t Marco snatch it off his head and give him a good smack across the face for good measure. Showing such disrespect! The boy deserved nothing less. Well, at least that’s what would have happened in my day. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful film! I hope George is up for more and Marco stays as joyous as he is! Thank you!

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