Crime and Punishment 6

It’s time for another journey back to the 19th Century, a time when modern sensibilities and socially aware concerns for the legal rights of young offenders were unknown, and would have been dismissed as foppish foolery. The priority at that time was to satisfy society that a young miscreant had been punished severely, and that the prisoner should suffer sufficient discomfort to ensure he regretted his crimes and would be reluctant to repeat them. Punishment would often be inflicted on the criminal’s bare buttocks, combining an added shaming to the procedure, and also precluding the chance of sitting comfortably thereafter.

The latest criminal to suffer Victorian punishment was handsome young Braithwaite (Finn Harper) who was about to pay for his crimes by having the full force of the law’s vengeance inflicted on his tender, peach like, bare bottom.

He is going over the knee first, as he is in for a good hard spanking from the warder, Mr Conway (Ryan Conway) first on the seat of his pants and underwear.

Then, with his britches and trousers down, the spanking continues on his bare backside bringing the message home, you don’t break the law, in a suitably painful and humiliating manner.

Next, stripped naked and bending over the punishment frame, the unlucky Braithwaite’s already burning bare backside is thrashed with a riding crop.

Each stinging blow sending a flame like surge of pain through his well punished nether regions.

Shamed and soundly punished. Lying, face down on his bunk that night, Brathwaite will have many sleepless hours to contemplate on the consequences of his sins, with his sore and burning backside a constant tormenting reminder.

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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment 6”
  1. So great to see Finn back again after so long.
    I know some have strong views about white underwear, but this little pair he’s wearing here are amazing. The way they’re too small to properly cover his buttocks is so sexy.
    Thanks to the team at Sting for bringing Finn back.
    A thought on Jay’s point about ear pulling… a great scenario for that I think would be a school scene (preferably with Finn in those really short grey school shorts).
    I know Finn is getting a bit old now to play that role but I’m sure many fans (myself included) would forgoe that detail to see Finn in the uniform again.
    Thanks again – and here’s to more Finn scenes in future.

  2. Have to agree with D great to see handsome Finn back after a long break. Not usually a fan of white underwear but for sure Finn looks good in these. Good look with them barely covering his butt! Great attention to detail Sting with an amazing set and the clothes Finn and Ryan are wearing. Great photos and the last photo of the guys perfect. Ryan and Finn looking so good together.
    Agree with D would like to see Finn in his short shorts again.
    If we could have Finn back again soon and then some…….thanks Sting

  3. Finn always worth the wait. Ryan does a great job of keeping Finn in check. Already been said but Finn in those white briefs hot. Can we see more Finn in small fitting briefs and socks.

  4. Great seeing Finn again! Hopefully won’t be long until he gets back in hot water again. How did he find being whacked after that long break? He certainly seems to have being getting a lot of ‘semis’ recently (though I did notice his careful positioning of his dick on the bar as he went over it. Maybe he feels size matters & always wants to make it seem as big as possible. Or maybe he just wants distracted from the attention his rear’s getting. Either way, interesting).
    Btw, would it be possible to see the next guy getting flogged like this have his backside sponged with water immediately beforehand? It adds a lot to the ritual.

  5. Ah so good to see Finn back. Liked the pics especially the underwear cheeky shots. Ryan and Finn good match up.
    Can we get Finn back at Sting soon. Liked the bratty behaviour in Finns sore Christmas – but all Finns videos are played to the max. A Cadet Harper reprise would fit the bill too.

  6. Finn adapts to each scene and always delivers. Great facial expressions and have to mention the hot second when his underwear is not quite fitting that beautiful butt of his. Ryan as always good too.
    An extended gallery of Finn is always welcome for furure projects. Bring him back soon.

  7. Thanks for the Finn update. For sure Finn burns up the screen and looks great in his cord pants and skimpy underwear. Looking to a Finn revisit soon with more of the skimpy briefs and another round with Ryan.

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