Crime And Punishment

To be incarcerated in the House Of Correction in the 1900s almost certainly meant you’d be lucky to escape your time there without having received some form of corporal punishment. Bare bottom spanking the birch, rattan cane, tawse, switch and belt were all kept gainfully employed as punishment instruments in the on going correction of recalcitrant young lads. The punishment room was always a busy place!

Inmate Malone (Richard Hicks) is the first to be sent to the Assistant Chief Warder. He’s supposed to be there for correction but he continues to be one cheeky, rude naughty boy and there’s only one way to deal with him.


The Assailant Chief will be bringing his old leather strap to bear on the boys naked posterior in a well deserved strapping.


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Then he’ll be going over the knee and take a good spanking on his already well strapped bare bottom!








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