“Scott Listen and learn” is modern day story staring the popular and likable Damien Drake as Scott


Young Scott (Damien Drake) is a lad with much potential until it comes to sport that is. Yet again he has failed to take his sports kit to school and now his PE Teacher has had enough!

None too happy he sends him off to get the Rugby ball for the afternoon practice. Scott however has other ideas and decides to take a nap in the changing room only later to be rudely woken by a whistle and an angry PE Teacher …………..


Totally fed up by his laziness he is given a good spanking
First on his red shorts…
Then on his reddening bare bottom!



  .. quickly followed by a dose of the plimsoll on his sore spanked bottom …..





Finally the punishment ends with a lecture


 But Scott’s bad day is not over yet as Scott’s Mentor is waiting for him to arrive home……….


Trying to sneak in doesn’t work and soon his Mentor makes good use of Scott’s unused ping pong bat! With his butt now burning from that his undies are ordered off!  ……



Finally he gets a humiliating spanking which ends in tears, much shame and a very sore backside with an early night in bed!








By Bruce

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