Detention 1900 (Part 2)

Hapless Harry (Bruno Baxter) has again found himself in detention after he made some derogatory words at his teacher. As a result, has been sent to the deputy Head of House who is well known for feelings towards badly behaved pupils…. and how he deals with them.

So now it is britches down for Harry and the first part of his correctional discipline starting with a very stinging dose of the switch which finishes on his bare backside producing some very painful red stripes.

This is quickly followed with an over the knee spanking and boy does he feel it on that throbbing backside.

Bad boy Bruno


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Title 2257

By Bruce

18 thoughts on “Detention 1900 (Part 2)”
  1. This is a continuation of the “Detention 1900” story starring Bruno Baxter. It was apparently shot on the same set and on the same day as well.
    Bruno is a nice-looking lad, and his underwear appears to be historically correct yet is still tight and skimpy enough to frame his buttocks and upper thighs in an enticing manner. However, his performance is just as stoic as it was in the “Detention 1900” video. As the two videos were shot on the same day, I guess Bruno cannot be faulted for giving the same kind of performance in both, However, he will have to become more demonstrative in future videos in order to warrant attention from me. In other words, he will have to grimace more, kick his legs more, squirm over his spanker’s lap more, cry out in pain louder, and reach back with his hand in a vain effort to stop the spanking.
    As I suggested earlier, Bruno Baxter should probably take lessons from Tim Ptacek in how to take a spanking.

    1. Hi Rasputin
      Rich has asked me to tell you he has noted your comments. Also, he mentioned that, although this is the sequel to Detention 1900, filmed in the same location, and Boris wore the same costume for continuity, it was actually only filmed last Wednesday, not on the same day as part one.

  2. Bruce, there is another Sting video called “Detention” starring Damien Drake. However, it is available only to Sting Members.
    How does one become a “Sting Member”?

  3. I really enjoyed this! He’s a great looking guy & seems to take after Finn (whose entry into the world of full-time employment is much to be regretted. Only kidding, I wish him all the best for all the enjoyment he has given us over the years) with his ability to get into character. I also very much liked his reactions as he ‘took it like a man.’ proving his toughness by walking a fine line between showing it was hurting, while also maintaining his composure. I wouldn’t welcome him being much more demonstrative, which just goes to show what a tough time Sting has keeping everyone happy! I do have two entirely contradictory suggestions to make though. One is that he doesn’t actually take his trousers off, but has to keep them round his knees, as that places greater emphasis on his ass, & that secondly, as he’s in detention, he’s made to sit on a hard seat with his trousers still down, & our last sight of him is him surreptitiously trying to soothe his burning backside, while working on an imposition.

    1. Vince – I have no objection to seeing Bruno or any other model starting off by reacting to his spanking in a stoic manner, i.e. “taking it like a man”. However, as the spanking progresses the pain becomes too much for the lad to endure it stoically and should start reacting to his punishment in a demonstrative manner.
      By the way, is it true that Finn Harper has quit the porn industry? If so, I wish him well.

      1. Bruno may not have kicked and struggled, but his facial expressions were rather expressive, he certainly “felt the sting”
        I have not heard that Finn had quit the porn industry. He has been working on another job away from the industry, which has limited his availability recently, but to my knowledge he has not formally quite porn!! I hope not
        I will see what I can find out.


        1. Bruno is a great addition to the Sting team and would be good to see him in future releases
          I hope Finn Harper will be back at Sting any info would be great.

          1. We hope to have Finn back soon, but I am not sure when at the moment. I will let you know more if or when I have information

        2. Thanks for the update on Finn. He always gives 100% in his Sting videos and for sure will be on the look out for any of his new releases. Good to see Jerry Bosak featured even if only in repeat releases. Could Jerry ever be tempted to come back!
          More Finn and Bruno. (If only Jerry Travis and Rudi were still around)

  4. My bad, I didn’t mean to imply he’d permanently quit, just that he was less available (my source being Bruce, so I don’t think you need to do any more research) & I’m afraid for me the lad should be able to ‘take it like a man’ throughout. I see it as an endurance test, he needs to both tough it out & show it’s hurting (because if it’s not hurting, then there is no test to be passed, & it is just as unappealing as if he kicks, squirms & stuggles). I don’t think Sting will be able to satisfy us both with the one clip, so perhaps we should just me grateful that they continue to cater to both our tastes with different clips.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Vince. Of course, as long term Sting fans will know, most actors more on at some point, it’s not a long term career, unless a performer moves on into the top role, or others move behind the camera.

      With regard to performances, some manly actors can respond quite demonstratively, Travis often did and Tim Ptacek does , but others seem to enjoy the challenge of seeing how much they can tolerate. .

      1. Bruce, as you know I am not a twink fan, so I will confine my comments to “hunks”, i.e. good-looking guys with athletic or muscular physiques.
        Leonardo King in my opinion was the best model you ever hired. Not only was he good-looking and muscular, he also gave demonstrative performances when playing the bottom role. Luke Radley, Luke Adams, Travis McKinnon, Jirka Mendez, Jerry Bosak and (sometimes) Phil Stone were other hunky guys who gave demonstrative performances. Unfortunately for me, almost all of your hunky models gave stoic performances. (EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: Darren, who was usually stoic, gave a VERY demonstrative performance in “Sore Bottom”, but that was an extremely intense video; Margusta was an extremely cruel top.)
        Tim Ptacek appears to be your only current Sting model who is hunky and also gives demonstrative performances. By all means keep on casting him!
        Bruno Baxter is a nice-looking, athletic lad who has the potential to become a good hunky, demonstrative model. Please encourage him to be more demonstrative.

      1. Vince, perhaps we can persuade Rich and Rob to have both Bruno Baxter and Ryan Conway give two different performances – one where the bottom grimaces and groans softly showing some pain but otherwise “taking it like a man”. and the other where the bottom grimaces, cries out in pain, kicks his legs, squirms over the top’s lap, and futilely tries to stop the spanking by reaching back with his hand. As you said, to each his own!

  5. Hope Bruno is back for more at Sting. Looked good here with the long socks and tight fit underwear. Would like to see Bruno in some tight fitting denim or sports/workout gear for future scenes. Prefer stoic over an overacted repsonse – Bruno struck the right balance here. Great first scene.
    Huge Finn Harper fan so would like to see him back at Sting Very soon. Good to hear from the above comments he will be back – just don’t keep us waiting too long Finn. Maybe Sting could let Finn know how much his fan base have missed him!

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