That most mischievous of Sting Lads – Damien Drake stars in “Detention”, the latest addition to the Sting Members’ Area

School Football captain Stephen Calder (Damien Drake) loves playing the beautiful game but like so many fans gets too excited during the game. Twice now he’s lashed out at a rival player and this time has found himself sitting in detention. He’d rather be back out on the field but the only way to do that is to get Mr Collins, his House Master to punish him another way.


This time he’s lucky or rather unlucky. The only way he getting out of it is with a good spanking and a dose of the empire rubber gym shoe. The red card will have to equal a red backside too. He’s only wearing his PT kit and the spanking quickly tales effect over his tight shorts.

The shorts of course quickly come down and the hand slaps reign down like tongues of fire turning his muscular bare backside now as red as his shorts. .

Mr Collins orders young Calder over the desk; he won’t be escaping without feeling the burning sting of his well-used gym slipper

Crack after crack and Stephens exposed bottom is scolding hot, the sole of the gym shoe burning its way in to the lad’s defenceless bare cheeks.

Stephen knows his temper may not hold but nevertheless its best perhaps to try to avoid this sort of Detention!

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Detention – Staring Damien Drake”
  1. anonymous —This young man has a very hot body however think that smile needs to be wiped off his face he appears to project that he thinks every thing is a joke

    1. Jimbar –I say give him a good spanking and then we will see if he is still giving us that smile .My guess is you will see a different type of image .He thinks everything is a joke when we get through with him we will see the resultb

  2. Love the cheeky wink and smile. Lovely full round buttocks creamy texture too them not a lot of hair nice, like him to sit on my face bare arsed and wiggle whilst I eat it, then give those globes of goodness a nice kiss then suck his cock. Thank you for the pictures.

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